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Immigration Essay

The issue of immigration has been treated differently in different historical periods. From New York establishing itself as the huge melting pot to 'brain drain' phenomenon attracting best minds of the world to the USA, immigration was believed to benefit both the receiving country and those seeking shelter in a new land. However, the diversity of cultures contributing to the ethnic mashup proved to be too great to allow assimilating the newcomers successfully. Cultural and religious disparities, illegal entrance to the country, and problems of 'job stealing' and working for lower wages add up to make immigration rather a problem than a positive trend. To cover up all necessary concepts pertaining to this issue, immigration essay should rely on the newest data and explain main points with regard to current situation, which may drastically change within few months. This is why we employ the best experts in the field as consulting and writing staff to deliver essays on immigration to students from the USA and other countries. Please read some excerpts from the essay on one of the aspects of immigration to understand how diverse and complex the topic actually is.

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Immigration to the USA has always been dynamic and contributed to significant population growth without increase in birth rates. Reasons for immigration to one of the most developed countries in the world are as old as the world itself - hope for better life, safer social environment, higher wages or at least an opportunity to find some job and earn a minimal living. Young talented researchers migrate to the USA in search for generous financial support and facilities to conduct scientific activity; entrepreneurs who have some good ideas about making business go to the USA to use the widest opportunities the country offers to business-minded individuals; migrants from countries with raging civil wars or conflicts flee to the USA to save their lives. The reasoning behind immigration may differ from one social/ethnic group to another, yet consequences for the USA from this immigration flood are similar in most cases. More often than not these consequences are far from beneficial, and the public discontent with seemingly lenient immigration laws is taking more and more radical forms. To understand the scale of the issue it is enough to monitor the figures of immigration to the USA since the 1970s. During this period the USA population has increased by 68 million by accepting migrants from all parts of the world.

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