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What is a 1000 Word Essay? How does it Look Like?

A 1000 word essay is a paper written on your very own selected theme, composed in 1000 words. Usually, the quantity of pages used in a 1000 word essay is four a4 sheets, not more, so perhaps a 1000 words paper isn’t as much as you think. Before you formally plan to write a 1000 word essay, assemble your thoughts regarding your subject and consider what you truly know about it. You have to gather enough information about the point and just present your own contemplations as opposed to endeavoring to compose what they want you to compose. For writing a 1000 word essay, you need to make your conclusion about the issue. All things considered writing such an essay isn’t a trouble. To begin with, you need to research the subject utilizing different credible resources. 1000 word essay needs the writer to portray something—object, individual, place, feeling, situation, and so forth. In this article, we present a few rules for composing an enlightening paper. 1000-word articles aren’t hard. A writer needs a strong subject and some arranging. However, a 1000 word paper is actually fascinating to write and it may take more than that. Regardless of whether you have already read or analyzed the topic previously, for a descriptive 1000 word paper, you will most likely want to go over again through it. Your beginning of the essay should be outstanding to spellbind the reader also. Choosing a common topic for an essay will enable you to collect a huge amount of data about them so that you can easily make a 1000 words paper.

How to Write a 1000 Word Essay: Quick Tips

We are presenting the best tips to make an eye-catching essay of 1000 words as follows:

  • Don’t be worried about your limit of words. Collect as much data as you can
  • Such a practice would be tedious as there is no limit to information nowadays with the use of web
  • By collecting enough data, you will be able to realize what to incorporate into the last form of your exposition
  • Look for the supporting evidence for your rationale so that your thesis statement can be justified
  • Look for the sample essays, these compositions are a helpful thing
  • When you’re finished with your outline, read it again to revise your first draft
  • Underline the most important parts in your information and make body sections around them
  • Avoid using superfluous sentences and heavy words. Use common language and easy words
  • Revise again and again before submitting

How Long is a 1000 Word Essay

Before writing an essay, you may wander how long is the essay 1000 words in number of page. So, it depends on the type of document you are writing. The length of a 1000 word paper is different for blogs, magazine articles, and books. While writing for blogs, you use larger fonts and different sizes of fonts and spacing along with the images. A 1000 word essay for a magazine would take up lower space than an essay written for the purpose of blogs. Some essays are composed in one-note, and some are written in MS Office. A standard page or office-word may contain 250 to a maximum of 1000 words depending upon the font type and size, margins and line spacing. In the proceeding sections, we have elaborated some ways to calculate how long would your 1000 word essay may take in MS Office!

What is 1000 Word Essay Examples?

As you can figure out, the number of pages of your essay depends on the writing style you are going to choose, the font size and line spacing. Just follow the simple structure to calculate how many pages your essay will take depending on the font style and size and line spacing:

  • So, if you are using font size of 12pt with Times New Roman, with single spacing and 0.5-inch margins then your essay will be ended in 1.5 to 2 pages.
  • If you are using font size of 12pt with Times New Roman, with double line spacing and 1-inch margins then your essay will be ended in 3 – 3.5 pages.
  • If you are using the arial type font, your font size is 12pt with single spacing, and then your essay will be ended in 2 pages.
  • When using the Calibri type font, with font size is 10pt, and it has double spacing, then it will take 2 pages.

These are the most common standards for essay writing you may use.

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How many paragraphs is a 1000-word essay?

Disregarding the structure for a 1000 words paper is the major misstep among the individuals who are writing an essay. This type of essay will not usually be short; therefore, don’t mistake yourself by failing to meet regular necessities just as you do in creative writing papers. A 1000 word essay just like other papers, must comprise of three basic segments explained as follows. Follow our guidelines on how to make each section of your 1000 word essay:


Your introduction is an attention grabber so make it as perfect as you can. This part should be 100-200 words. Take hold of attention of the readers by providing fascinating background about the topic; familiarize them with the data you have collected for your point and clarify the motivation behind writing your 1000 words essay; present a solid postulation i.e. Thesis statement. An introduction is followed by the body.


Body sections should be 600-800 words. There should be at least three sub-paragraphs in a body part. Each part in this section must be 200-300 words. For each para, introduce the topic with a topic sentence at the beginning of the paragraph, present your arguments, while supporting them with adequate proof. End each paragraph with a conclusion. Include at least three main points; one topic sentence for each main point ending with credible evidence.


A conclusion should be at least 100 words, but it should not exceed 200 words. At the end, rephrase the thesis statement in an assertive way; recap the most essential points you have raised in your body paragraphs, leading to a solid conclusion based on your judgment. In the end, add your opinion and that’s all! You would be able to write an interesting 1000 word essay by following our structure.

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Bottom Line

We suggest you not write in a surge, when making a 1000 words essay. It is proposed to oversee time appropriately. Never let the quantity of 1000 words shake your confidence. As a writer, you may invest more energy than you might suspect in your article submission. It is likewise recommended that you must proofread your 1000 word paper again and again as much as you can. Show your essay to someone else to get input and use their advice to make an extremely striking 1000 word essay. In case you don’t know that you can adapt to this assignment alone, simply follow our examples to take help. Our guidelines will help you compose a unique paper, so you don’t need to stress.

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