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What Makes a Good Research Paper Topic?

From the very first day at college or university, students are faced with a number of writing assignments. One of them is a research paper. A research paper is quite difficult to write as it involves reading, brainstorming, researching, critical analysis, and, most importantly, qualitative or quantitative analysis of a subject matter.

Selection of a good research paper topic is the very first step. The best way is to find a topic of that looks interesting to you. Based on that broader topic, you will need to start researching on the specific domain. Say, you like Science. You start reading about it further, then move on to chemistry, to molecule chemistry, and finally to nanocomposites. In this way, you can approach from a broader topic to a targeted and narrow topic to start your research. The broader research paper ideas can result in the research paper needing to be more specific. On the other hand, the narrower research topic can lead to fewer amounts of research resources to be available online or at the university library, which would make the research work to have reduced understanding. Considering that, your topic is a controversial topic, you need to develop a certain perspective for the paper. Getting background information on the topic is also quite essential for developing perspective and enhancing understanding of the subject matter. Afterward, you can consult with your instructor about the research paper’s topic.

How Do You Choose a Good Research Topic?

Choosing a good research topic is a difficult task, but not an impossible one. Here are some tips for choosing a good research topic:

  • Start with the broader subject approach and go towards the narrow and centric topic of any subject and domain.
  • Based on the research paper ideas, you need to make sure that there is ample research resource available at your disposal. You can use Google Scholar and read some of the relevant research articles, books, scholarly sources, and even research journals.
  • The university database also provides a number of different journals that may not be available online. You can ask your librarian to help you out with a research paper request on urgent basis.

Psychology Research Topics

  1. Effects of PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) on US Soldiers
  2. Growing Causes of Depression in Teen and Teenage Suicides
  3. Insomnia and its Effects on Human Health
  4. Physical and Mental Violence on Children and Domestic Abuse
  5. Impact of modern Sex Education and its Effectiveness
  6. Gambling and the Psychological Defects
  7. Substance Abuse in Adults and Social Implications
  8. Artificial Intelligence and how it Impacts our Decision-Making Capabilities?
  9. Home Schooling of Students – A Comparative Study on Psychological Upbringing
  10. Ethics in the Realm of Psychological Research

Google Scholar Research Topics

  1. Impact of Adolescents after Divorce among Millennial
  2. Obesity of Young Millennials and Prevention of Global Epidemic
  3. The Evolution of Drug Resistance for Cancer Patients
  4. Snow Vortex – An Aftermath of Global Warming and Climate Change
  5. Increase in Global Temperatures and its Impact on Marine and Wildlife.
  6. The Paradigm of Government, Industry and Education
  7. The Digital Outlook of Education in American States – A Comparative Study
  8. Immigrants at Workplace Safety– A Study of Competence and Psychological Upbringing
  9. Safe Working Environment and Employee Turnover in the United States of America
  10. Food Security and Global Food Chains – How Vulnerable Are We?

Sociology Research Topics

  1. Parenting for LGBTQ+ Parents
  2. Employment of Nannies and Upbringing of Children
  3. Working Parents and its Impact on Children and Family Relationships
  4. Patriotic Sentiments in Democratic and Social Republics
  5. Gender Inequality in Developed and Under-Developed Nations
  6. Social Acceptance of LGBTQ+ in Different Family Structures
  7. Bullying at School – A Exploratory Approach
  8. The Boundaries of Natural Law and Sociology
  9. Sociology in Economic Life and Wellbeing
  10. Sociology in Crime and Rule-breaking Citizens

Nursing Research Topics

  1. Transcultural Nursing Research
  2. Safety of Data Transmission for Home Nursing Patients
  3. Robotic Nursing Assistance
  4. Effects on Home-Nursed Patients
  5. Quality of Life and Staff Turnovers for Nursing Staff Homes
  6. Nursing at Home and Prevalence of Mental Illnesses
  7. Nursing Home Patient Abuse
  8. Dementia Care for the Patients at Nursing Home
  9. Management and Leadership in Nursing Domain
  10. Essentials of Newborn, Maternity-based Nursing

Criminal Justice Research Topics

  1. Discrimination in Criminal Justice for African Americans
  2. The Case of O. J. Simpson and Flaws in the Criminal Justice System
  3. Criminal Justice System and its Victims
  4. Domestic Abuse and Domestic Violence: Improvements and Remedies
  5. Attitude to the American Criminal Justice System among Different Races
  6. Popular Justice and Criminal Justice System
  7. Use of Discretion in Criminal Justice Decision Making
  8. Scrutiny of Criminal Justice Procedures and its Effectiveness
  9. Domestic Violence on Women and Loopholes in the Criminal Justice System
  10. Ethnic and Racial Disparities in Criminal Justice and Crime within the United States

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History Research Paper Topics

  1. Gandhara Civilization and Aryans in the sub-continent
  2. The Impact of the Conquest of Mongols and Tartars on World History
  3. The Inception of the Civil Rights Movement in the US
  4. Martin Luther King’s Speech and its Impact on African American Culture
  5. The Life and Murder of Malcolm X
  6. Middle-Eastern Architecture and Art
  7. Cold War Era and Bipolar World Economics
  8. The Inception of Slavery and Modernization
  9. Ku Klux Klan: History and Trump’s Era
  10. Vietnam War: Dynamics and Recommendations

Science Research Topics

  1. Global Warming and Global Food Chain Disruption
  2. Green Chemistry and Fossil Fuels
  3. Incorporation of Carbon Capture and Sequestration Process
  4. Nanotechnology and Nanosensors in Industries
  5. Increase in Global Population and its Impact on Natural Water Balance
  6. Einstein’s Theory of Relatively and its Relevance to Advanced Theories
  7. The Physics of Human Body Movement
  8. Carbon Dating Procedure in Archeological Domains
  9. Evolution of the Humankind and Universe Expansion
  10. Health of Infants and Global Warming

Biology Research Topics

  1. Stem Cell Research in Cancerous Cells Treatment
  2. Enhancements in Breast Cancer Screening
  3. Heart Failure and Incorporation of Stem Cells Research
  4. Evolution of Drug-Resistant Bacteria
  5. Smog and its Adverse Affects on Human Health
  6. Infant Packaged Milk and Breastfeeding – A Comparative Analysis
  7. Biotechnology and Use of Nanotechnology for Life-Threatening Diseases
  8. Antivaxers and Rise of Global Epidemics
  9. Hydrogel Usage in Medicine and Biology
  10. Usage of Gold Nanoparticles for Medicinal Purposes

Education Research Topics

  1. Standardized Tests and Competence of Students
  2. Evolution of Assessment Practices and Peer Pressure on Students
  3. Home Schooling v/s Conventional Schooling – A Comparative Study
  4. The Effectiveness and Flaws of No Child Left Behind Act
  5. Classroom Learning and Incorporation of Digital Technologies in Teaching: Impacts and Challenges.
  6. The Outlook of Ethics in Education Research
  7. Donald Trump and the Discordant Leadership on Educational Grounds
  8. Issues of Sexual Aggression among High School Students in the United States
  9. Difference in Education Attainment Spectrum among Different States of America
  10. Family Background and Educational Attainment: Relationship and Contributing Factors

Chemistry Research Topics

  1. Advancements in Green Chemistry
  2. Polymeric Nanocomposites and its Implementation
  3. The Utilization of Gold Nanoparticles in Catalysis and Biological Domains
  4. Heterogeneous Catalysis on an Industrial Scale
  5. Analysis of Nanoscale Materials in Chemistry Domain
  6. Evolution of Industrial Chemicals: Utilization and Waste Disposal
  7. Plastics in our Environment
  8. Enhancing the Utilization of Biodegradable Plastics
  9. Aspects of Carbon Capture and Sequestration Technology
  10. Solid Waste Management and Green Chemistry

Interesting Research Topics

  1. Global Warming and Climate Change: Doomsday Clock Perspective
  2. Can Cancer be cured? An Analysis of Using Gold Nanoparticles
  3. The Taboo of Young Girl’s Menstruation Cycle
  4. The Precursors Behind the Rise of White Supremacism in America
  5. The Rise of Domestic Terrorism in the United States
  6. Venezuela Economic Crisis and Meltdown
  7. The Rise of Xiaomi Mi in the World Smartphone Market
  8. Cybersecurity and Effectiveness of Senate Hearings
  9. Forest Fires and its Implications on Environment
  10. Police Brutality in the United States

Easy Research Paper Topics

  1. Pros and Cons of Medicinal Marijuana
  2. Gun Control at Schools
  3. Ways to Reduce Paper Usage
  4. Plastic Waste Impact on Environment
  5. Effect of Music on the Human Brain
  6. Pop Culture and Millennial
  7. Impact of World War II on the World
  8. Sex and Romance in the Renaissance Era
  9. Perception of Religion among Teens in the United States
  10. Computer Gaming: An Addiction or Competitive Advantage
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Next Phase

Selecting a good research paper topic needs the topic to neither be too broader or too narrow. Once a research paper topic is selected, you can start writing your research paper. But, you have to read and research different research articles, reviews, books, and journal prior to selecting a research topic. For more information about the structure and specifics of the research paper, the students can go through our articles.

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