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200 Essay Topics for Your Assignment

You love your English classes but sometimes feel that there is too much pressure with all those continuous writing assignments? That is the fact you have to accept because these types of classes really require too much writing. Of course, not everyone has a gift of writing so you might find it quite complicated and, in that case, you can get assistance from existing online academic writing services.

Rely on Your Own Preferences Selecting Essay Topic

At first, it might seem to be easier and less complicated for you if your teacher chooses a topic instead of you. But that won’t be beneficial for you. It would be much better if you can choose the topic yourself based on your preferences and experience.

You may choose any subject to write about. There are a lot of various themes. You can write about things you like doing, the world around you, traveling, children, politics, music, anything!

Why is it Important to Choose a Good Topic

Try to do your best and select the best topic because that is what your grade will depend on. It should be exciting enough and make a great impression on your teacher and your readers. You also want to express your point of view and show your personality. You still do not know what to write about? We have created a helpful list of various topics where you will definitely find something close and interesting for you.

Argumentative essay topics for beginners

  1. Everyone should have the right to study for free.
  2. What are the reasons for the rapid obesity of Americans?
  3. Students must not have full-time Internet access.
  4. Young people should have the right to decide on military service.
  5. The choice of discipline should be the right of every single student.
  6. Which benefits can international students get from the US educational system?
  7. Which language to choose as a secondary in the modern world?
  8. Is the current academic grading helpful in performance?
  9. Does education only absorb interests nowadays?
  10. Can tests like SAT and ACT be called really hard-hitting?
  11. Merits and demerits of the master’s program in business administration.

Essay topics on sport

  1. How do we help teenagers maintain a healthy weight?
  2. Do all members of the National Collegiate Athletic Association have low grades?
  3. Which sports record has not been broken yet?
  4. Is Michael Jordan still number one in the world of basketball?
  5. Strengths and weaknesses of football players?
  6. What should be done to make football a safer game?
  7. Why is NASCAR not so popular anymore?
  8. Who deserves to be called the best quarterback of all time?
  9. Who should pay college athletes?
  10. What kinds of sports do the Olympics lack?
  11. Is it possible for athletes to train more effectively in virtual reality?
  12. What is the difference between Rugby and American football?
  13. What should be done to prevent injuries as a result of overuse?
  14. Is sport a blessing or a curse?

Middle school essay topics

  1. How are diet, fitness, and weight interrelated?
  2. Why do diets adversely affect health?
  3. What should society do to overcome anorexia?
  4. Getting enough sleep as one of the ways to regulate health issues.
  5. A game of gold ‒ who does really need it?
  6. Must steroid takers be punished?
  7. Swimming ‒ is it really as good as it is considered to be?
  8. Sport. It is not only about health.

College essay topics

  1. Should the tobacco industry be banned?
  2. Death sentence: pros and cons?
  3. Public places should be allowed for smoking.
  4. Which steps to take to control alcohol usage?
  5. Which is the latest time for selling alcoholic beverages?
  6. The truth about energetic drinks.
  7. Court proceedings and television.
  8. At what age should people get the right to vote?
  9. At what age could it be allowed to smoke and drink?
  10. Is the world a fair place?

Classical argument topics

  1. The use of animals in scientific experiments should be banned.
  2. Who should be responsible for the destruction of rainforests?
  3. Electric vehicles are one of the ways to solve the problem of global pollution?
  4. Globalization process ‒ pros and cons.
  5. Should we be thankful to Roosevelt for the Panama Canal construction?
  6. Who do you support – King Kong or the militaries who broke into his world?
  7. Influence of climate change on the United States.
  8. How do earthquakes influence our planet?
  9. The death from water: Tsunami.
  10. Amazing dense forests of Amazonia.
  11. Red book: which species to include?
  12. The role of students in the movement for nature’s safety.

Argumentative essays on sinuous topics

  1. What should governments do to prevent the Third World War?
  2. It’s time to change public school policies.
  3. Can gun control give positive results in crime control?
  4. Same-sex marriages all over the world.
  5. Society and government regulations.
  6. Corruption: is there a chance to overcome it?
  7. Political authorities and illegal activities.
  8. Should physically incapable people work in the government?
  9. A perfect politician: who is it?
  10. Is the law equal for everyone?
  11. Monarchy: does it have the right to exist in the modern world?
  12. How do we prevent terrorism?

Argumentative essay on technology

  1. Video games with scenes of violence ‒ prohibit or allow?
  2. Technology and loneliness.
  3. Should comments in social networks with filthy language be deleted?
  4. Does technology make people technological zombies?
  5. When will engineering achievements stop developing?
  6. Mobile phones: a blessing or a curse?
  7. Does technology make us more educated?
  8. What changes might 3-D printing bring to us?
  9. Can future research benefit disabled people?
  10. Are you for or against self-driving trucks?
  11. Can face-detecting software prevent stealing?
  12. The possible influence of quantum computers on our lives.
  13. Selfie cameras and our life.
  14. Do our home devices help a lot?
  15. Are computers more intelligent than people?
  16. What is your choice: PC or Mac?

Argumentative essay on social media

  1. Does technology make us less creative?
  2. Social networks and their influence on modern education.
  3. Can a modern person live without technology?
  4. Friends: online vs in real life?
  5. Does the Internet need censorship?
  6. Can people be judged by what they put on their social media?
  7. Can you build real relationships with a person from online dating sites?
  8. Should the government ban texting while driving?
  9. Does the concentration span become shorter due to technology?
  10. Is it ok for social media to be used in the classroom?
  11. Is the influence of social media on young people only negative?
  12. Social media and child/parents’ relations.
  13. Why it is not respectable to always look at your phone when you are with other people?
  14. Social media impact on student`s world view.
  15. How to deal with social media bullying?

Mixed argumentative essay topics

  1. How to make first aid and medical help free.
  2. Are all people good deep down?
  3. Should extra work always be paid?
  4. Who finances social cause?
  5. Do parents have the right to control their children after they are 16?
  6. Cloning: to ban or develop?
  7. Something new about global warming.
  8. Can abortions be called a legal procedure?
  9. Marriages between different nations as a means to overcome racism.
  10. What if your boyfriend is much younger?
  11. How should partners divide the roles in a relationship?
  12. Is it safe to date online?
  13. What if a person will marry a computer soon?

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Funny argumentative topics

  1. Would Robin Hood go to prison in the real world?
  2. 3G, 4G, 5G: What’s Next?
  3. Mind controlling chips – a fiction or a reality?
  4. Does the Griffins Family look like a typical American family?
  5. Should graffiti become legal?
  6. What if Marijuana was legal in your city?
  7. Who is the best parent: a soft or a tough one?

Essays about art

  1. Modern art: is it a talent or just a pretense?
  2. Do music and cinematography belong to art?
  3. The truth about gothic art.
  4. Can art make you a successful person?
  5. Music today: does it bring any meaning?
  6. Modern movies: where is their plot?
  7. What should be the length of a motion picture?

Essays on family

  1. Large family: why is it good to grow in it?
  2. How to make your marriage successful?
  3. Does marriage bring any benefits to health?
  4. Importance of making your family tree.
  5. Marriage between species of different races: is it good?
  6. Should a couple live together before marriage?
  7. Why is a family holiday valuable?
  8. What should parents do to understand their children?
  9. Why do marriages break?
  10. Bringing up a teenager.

Essays on body image

  1. How should fashion advertise nowadays?
  2. Do romantic movies damage relationships?
  3. What do beauty contests give?
  4. Young men and problems of body image.
  5. Influence of advertising on the body image of men?
  6. Should models be more similar to ordinary people?
  7. Plus-sized models and modern brands.
  8. Plastic surgery as the mean to create a better appearance.
  9. Influence of Barbie dolls on the self-image of little girls?
  10. What should women do to create a healthy body image?

Essays on news topics

  1. Which news would you choose: positive or negative?
  2. Is satire and comedy news a good way to stay informed?
  3. Why do journalists make up news?
  4. Does “unprejudiced reporting” really exist?
  5. Digital area and news reporters.
  6. Can ordinary citizens report news in a better way?
  7. Will the day when printed newspapers disappear ever happen?
  8. Does the news show enough?
  9. Is it important to perform a reliability check of speeches?
  10. Are the media ever mistaken?

Essay about you

  1. What is being in love?
  2. Which goals in life do you put in front of you?
  3. Is success important for you?
  4. Is freedom essential for you?
  5. Can you leave your comfort zone easily?
  6. Which things are precious to you?
  7. Which things make you boil?
  8. What would you like to do during your gap year?
  9. The first job ‒ what was it like?
  10. Give a description of intellectual challenges which you want to overcome.
  11. Have your failures taught you anything?
  12. Which outdoor activities bring you joy?
  13. What are you committed to?
  14. Name the things which motivate you.

Essays on mental health

  1. Can drugs reverse the brain?
  2. How does marijuana influence the brain?
  3. Can lucid dreaming help you?
  4. How to get over from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder?
  5. Can virtual reality give something more than just fun?
  6. Do video games influence children negatively?
  7. The Internet and people’s intelligence.
  8. Should limits be applied to genetic engineering?
  9. The role of race in national self-image?
  10. How to help someone who is alcohol addicted?

Essays on life in high school

  1. Importance of Officer Training Course.
  2. What are the hints of better concentration during the study?
  3. How can people concentrate better when studying?
  4. How to ask someone to a graduation ball?
  5. How can studying abroad change your life for the better?
  6. Which sport is the best to play?
  7. Does participation in any sports organization bring any benefits?
  8. Why learn a foreign language in high school?
  9. Is prom worth its cost?
  10. How to date successfully?
  11. Are scholarships available for everyone?
  12. Is apprenticeship a must for high school students?

Food topics

  1. What makes junk food so habit forming?
  2. Bottled water: to drink or not to drink?
  3. Can on-trend diets really help?
  4. Gluten-free food and people’s health.
  5. The best place to have fast food.
  6. What are the cheapest places to eat in the town?
  7. Where is the best coffee: in Starbucks or your regional pitstop?
  8. Does “eating the rainbow” really make us healthier?
  9. What is the healthiest diet?
  10. The truth about “all-natural” or “organic”.

Essays on personal topics

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  1. Who is a special person in your life?
  2. The place which seems to be perfect to live.
  3. What does the job of your dream look like?
  4. What disappoints you?
  5. Which books have influenced you?
  6. The most interesting family tradition.
  7. Do you need more money to be happy?

As you see the process of essay writing is not that difficult and scary. It is all about selection, drafting, writing and revising. We would like to recommend you preserve your highly graded essays for your portfolio.

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