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What is a Problem Solution Essay?

A problem solution essay is used to state a problem and the methods to solve it. It is argumentative writing in which you also aim to persuade a person’s opinion. Mostly, you aim to convince the reader to take a particular action. In explaining the problem, the writer also gives solutions that might persuade the reader’s opinion. As a writer, you need to come up with a number of solutions to a particular problem.

How Do You Solve Problems in Writing?

Solving a problem through writing is more challenging than it sounds. These simple steps will guide you to write an essay that can solve problems.

  1. Sometimes, you get the problem, and you have to state the problem. If you get the chance to choose the problem, then, you need to identify the problem. For this, you have to look around you and enlist problems that your family, friends, race, caste, college, etc. The easiest way is to think about situations where you could have been better.
  2. It is not mandatory that you come up with a big problem. It could be the smallest problem a common person might encounter.
  3. Once you have your problem, you need to talk about it a little bit and persuade the reader’s opinion that the problem needs to be resolved.
  4. Then, you have to enlist solutions to solve the problem. The solutions need to be effective in every manner, either cost or implementation. The solution should be attractive and easy for the reader so that your reader can easily look into the matter and implement the solution.
  5. As a writer, you should at least state three to four solutions for the problem.

Problem Solution Essay Outline

Like every other essay, problems, and solution essays also have an introduction, the main body, and a conclusion. The introduction reflects a general perception of the chosen problem and then you add more specific details about the problem. Basically, you mention your problem in the introduction. In the main body, you state solutions to the problem. Don’t forget to insert examples related to the topic. To end your essay, you come up with a nice conclusion that sums up the problem and the solutions along with the aftereffects of either solving it or not.

The following list shows the basic outline of a problem solving essay:

  1. Introduction.
  2. Problem
  3. Solution
  4. Conclusion.

The number of paragraphs depends upon the problem and solution.

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How to Start a Problem Solution Essay

Every essay that has good starting gains the most readers interest. An introduction to the essay is as important as any person’s name. There are several ways to start an introduction to a problem solution paper. Your introduction must explain the problem and why there is a need for solving the issue. For an introduction, you must know:

  • If you have chosen an issue that people do not generally talk about, then you must first explain the problem and its effects in detail.
  • If the problem is common, then it is more important that you construct a vivid picture of the problem so that the readers gain interest in your essay.
  • In both cases, the reader’s attention must be your priority as a writer.
  • Your writing must be persuasive and reflect a strong need for solving the problem.

Once you have chosen the problem and know the type that it’s common or not, you are supposed to decide on a good opening. A good opening can be anything like a real-life incident, facts and figures, etc. Most writers use the following openings for their essays:

  • Personal experience.
  • Imagination that illustrates the problems and effects it has.
  • Facts and figures. Readers are more attracted to statistics related to any problem.
  • You can also give the origin of the problem.
  • Refer to a book, movie, or TV show related to the problem.

After choosing the opening, you have to write a topic sentence. A topic sentence is a sentence that states the problem and the solution in a precise manner. It can be at the very beginning, at the center of your introductory paragraph or at the end. Some writers prefer adding the argumentative topic sentence at the end. Their motive is to depict the whole problem and then give a sentence that sums up the picture.

After the introduction, you have the main body of your essay to cover. The main body can exceed three paragraphs, but this does not mean that you can tell stories. The paragraphs must be precise and clearly state the solutions to the problem. The stated solutions must be:

  • Cost-effective.
  • Time effective.
  • Practical.
  • Must be clear to the reader that the solutions can be easily implemented.
  • The reader must be aware of the fact that the solutions will definitely solve the problem if implemented. (examples would work perfectly here)

As a writer, you should also be careful while stating the solutions because the solutions can be questioned. For a convincing argument, you must carefully consider your plan’s objections and counter them logically.

How Do You Write a Conclusion for a Problem Solution Essay?

Once you are done with the introduction and main body, you need to focus on the conclusion. Every essay must have a perfect conclusion otherwise the whole essay might be spoiled. The conclusion can be one or more paragraphs. Some effective ideas for an excellent conclusion are:

  • Tell your readers what should happen.
  • Explain the effects of the implementation of your plan.
  • Real-life examples can be given if the plan had been adopted earlier.
  • Expert testimonials, statistics, facts can also be cited.

What is an Example of Problem and Solution Essay?

Many students use examples from the internet or other resources for writing a problem and solution essay. Here is an example from our side that might help you in better understanding and writing the essay:


Psychological illness is very common in today’s era, and especially among teenagers. Depression, anxiety, personality disorders, and a lot more are common. More than 50% of teenagers are a victim of mental illness. The question arises that “What is psychological health?” It is a general misconception that only psychological illness is reflected in the form of disability. This is not the case. Any unusual or unexpected response from an individual to very common activities is said to be “psychological illness.” For example, a boy/girl might show aggression over a casual debate at his place. Psychological illness is damaging our youth and the major reasons behind such illnesses are parental involvement, addictions, and traumas that might be due to any reason.

There are several solutions to this problem among which the following three can be very easily implemented. Firstly, individuals must be more active by doing exercise. They should get enough sleep and have a balanced diet. Their stress must be reduced. Exercise helps in better hormonal secretions that help in reducing stress and anxiety. It also helps in quitting addictions, which most teenagers adopt due to low morale.

Secondly, parents should be better involved in their child’s life. It is the utmost duty of parents to help their children face all the problems with courage rather than leaving them on their own in such a crucial situation. They should help their child quit all sorts of addictions. Generally, teenagers find drugs very attractive and a symbol of classiness. Some parents do not focus on their children at all and some parents are over-involved which annoys children.

Thirdly, parents should cut off the communication gap. They should talk to their children about their life. If a teen is depressed, it is the duty of parents to talk to them because talking about the problem releases stress and helps in coming back to life.

Teenage is a very crucial phase of life and its handling is similar to that of a fragile good. The above-stated solutions will help you in handling a depressed teenager. The solutions have no tough schedule. It is all a matter of time. The solutions have worked for a relative of mine and I hope that these solutions will help you too.

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Bottom Line

From the above example, you might be clear about the problem solving essay. We have tried to be as clear as possible and hope that this would help you in writing a problem solution essay. The point to focus is that you have to add three supporting details for the main point in one paragraph. Being a student, you must remember the above-stated rules and keep the given word count in mind.

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