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How to Choose Demonstration Topic and Where to Start

Choosing a topic is the first and most important step in the process of essay writing as it determines the quality of your work. You are likely to have numerous skills that you can share with your peers, but it is very important to consider your audience: their interests and expectations, as well as the ability to fully understand the demo. Some topics may seem compelling at first, but when it comes to practice, you may realize that creating a demonstration speech is problematic. Consider the following tips to avoid getting stuck:

  • Think about other people’s interests, as well as your own. This is a crucial factor in the process of choosing among a variety of demonstration speech topics. Being excited and enthusiastic about your demo will inspire people and make them interested in what you are teaching. Your demonstration speech may gain a lot of attention, in which case you are likely to receive additional questions from the audience. This is why you should choose a topic you are strongly familiar with. It will enable you to be confident and give comprehensive answers.
  • Consider audience demographics. Pick an appropriate topic concerning the group you plan to address. Your demo should be of use to them. Avoid picking overly simple or very complex topics.
  • Decide on your setting and choose presentation space. It can be indoors or in the open air. Think about how much room you need for your demonstration speech. If you consider these details, it will help you pick the most suitable topics according to available conditions.
  • Don’t forget about the time limit. Be realistic and give careful thought to what you can teach in the given time. Though some topics may seem very attractive and appropriate, it may not be possible to cover everything you want if time is strictly limited.
  • Consider various visual aids. Though your demonstrational speech is a visual aid in itself, additional use of short clips, PowerPoint presentations, and other relevant materials may help you a lot. Think about various technologies you can make use of.

Some topics may be too broad to cover in the restricted time frame. If you want your speech to be effective, choose a topic that arouses your interests, and focus on one central idea. Determining your main goal is also highly important. What exactly would you like to teach the audience? You should have a specific thesis statement before you start working on this assignment. Try to describe the major purpose of your speech in one sentence. Why is your demonstration speech important?

Try using different action verbs while determining your main point. Here are a few ideas:

  • How to…
  • Use…
  • Do…
  • Create…
  • Dealing with…
  • Design…
  • Plan…
  • Produce…
  • Ten steps to…

These demonstration-specific action verbs will make your headline attractive. Besides, your audience will know what to expect from your demo.

Our Selection of Perfect Demonstration Speech Ideas

How to:

  1. cook pancakes (or any other dish you can cook).
  2. Tie a tie.
  3. Make a Halloween costume.
  4. Clean your bicycle properly.
  5. Play the guitar.
  6. Read music notes.
  7. Dress for a party.
  8. Make lemonade.
  9. Organize a surprise party for your friend.
  10. Use vintage film cameras.
  11. Use a DSLR camera.
  12. Take a perfect photograph.
  13. Eat oysters.
  14. Make coffee.
  15. Plant flowers.
  16. Build a web page.
  17. Meditate.
  18. Build a snowman.
  19. Speak German.
  20. Write a poem.
  21. Skateboard.
  22. Draw cartoon characters.
  23. Make your hair wavy.
  24. Apply nail polish.
  25. Apply makeup.
  26. Walk your dog.
  27. Survive in the forest.
  28. Knit a scarf.
  29. Organize your closet.
  30. Choose a smartphone.
  31. Tie various knots.
  32. do braids.
  33. Play chess (dominoes, cards, poker).
  34. Dance hip-hop.
  35. Write a resume.
  36. Eat healthy food.
  37. Find cheap flights.
  38. Make a birdhouse.
  39. Be a good student.
  40. Grow herbs.
  41. Care for hamsters (cats, turtles, or other pets).
  42. Make origami.
  43. Choose new running shoes.
  44. Use a compass.
  45. Pack a backpack for hiking.
  46. Read a barometer.
  47. Learn fast reading.
  48. Count calories.
  49. Make candles.
  50. Make soap.
  51. Make jewelry.
  52. Knit/crochet.
  53. Paint walls.
  54. Make a birthday card.
  55. do yoga.
  56. Clean your kitchen (or any other room).
  57. Plan a trip.
  58. Forecast weather.
  59. Recognize poisonous plants.
  60. Interpret animal behavior.
  61. Paint in watercolors.
  62. Scrapbook.
  63. Read body language.
  64. do basic first aid.
  65. Break bad habits.
  66. Read braille.
  67. Restore furniture.
  68. Play football.
  69. Organize an event.
  70. Catch a fish.
  71. Drive a car.
  72. Set up a blog.
  73. Edit a video.
  74. Make sushi.
  75. Solve a Rubik’s cube.
  76. Become a vegan.
  77. Swim.
  78. Wrap a present.
  79. Juggle.
  80. Hitchhike.
  81. Iron a shirt.
  82. Recycle at home.
  83. Grow a garden.
  84. Apply for a job.
  85. Create animation.
  86. Perform magic tricks.
  87. do graffiti.
  88. Format your computer.
  89. Dry your hair.
  90. Can peaches.
  91. Read nutrition labels.
  92. Build a shed.
  93. Read a palm.
  94. Fix a blocked sink.
  95. Walk-in high heels.
  96. Choose a college.
  97. Teach a child to read.
  98. Play with children.
  99. Take a pulse.
  100. make hand cream.

Process Demonstration Speech Topics

This can be about deciding on your outfit for a date night, choosing roommates, or a bottle of beer. You can demonstrate how to make something with your own hands.

Need some examples? You can explain how to:

  1. bake the best brownies.
  2. Accessorize a casual outfit.
  3. Apply table manners.
  4. Organize a birthday party.
  5. Find a new roommate.
  6. Move to a new place.
  7. Get a full refund if you cancel.
  8. Burglarproof your house.
  9. Lose weight without dieting.
  10. Get ready for a job interview.
  11. Get rid of insects in your house.
  12. Get rid of garden weeds.
  13. Groom your cat (or dog).
  14. Grow an indoor plant.
  15. Take care of your skin.

Explain How Some Things Work or How Something is Made

For example, how:

  1. batteries work.
  2. Airbags open.
  3. Perfumes are designed.
  4. Aboriginal boomerangs work.
  5. Bulletproof vests work.
  6. Thermometers work.
  7. Antique barometers work.
  8. Topographic maps are made.
  9. Espresso machines produce coffee.
  10. Lie detectors work (if you choose this or similar topic that is quite complex, consider asking professionals for help).
  11. Metal detectors work.
  12. Political elections are organized.
  13. Sun eclipse occurs.
  14. Facebook or Instagram works.
  15. Ultraviolet rays damage our eyes.

College and Education Topics

Maybe you know how to:

  1. get a high score on a test.
  2. Make friends on campus.
  3. Manage your time as a student.
  4. Create the perfect space for studying.
  5. Find cheap textbooks.
  6. Make every teacher like you.
  7. Make money while studying.
  8. Pick your schedule.
  9. Sign up for a class.
  10. Deliver a compelling speech.
  11. Write in cursive.
  12. Write a good essay.

Funny Demonstration Speech Topics

A little fun wouldn’t hurt, right? You can entertain your audience by explaining how to:

  1. avoid your ex.
  2. Dress like a rock star.
  3. do the chicken dance.
  4. Eat cotton candy without being messy.
  5. Tell funny jokes.
  6. Pretend that you are sleeping.
  7. Use rubber bathroom ducks.
  8. Play hide-and-seek.
  9. Climb trees.
  10. Invent a new language.

Some Useful Tips on How to write a Demonstration Speech

  • Consider your main purpose and state it briefly in one sentence, like this: I would like to demonstrate how to….
  • Once you have chosen a topic, create an introduction. It should be attractive, draw your audience’s attention. Explain what you are going to present and how your listeners can benefit from this demo. You may add that after your demonstration, everyone will be able to repeat it without a hitch.
  • Layout the course of actions in clear language. Create a special approach to help your listeners apply the knowledge you share.
  • Your demonstration procedure should have a logical chronological order. Describe all the details clearly; don’t miss important explanations.
  • Every step should be concluded in simple words. Don’t jump forward without a conclusion.
  • Don’t forget about specific assignment requirements and time limits.
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Delivering Your Demonstration Speech

It is time to show them how you do it! Take these recommendations into account:

  • Use as many visual aids as possible. Incorporate relevant objects, models, and drawings – everything that can be helpful for your demo.
  • Try including your personal stories and examples. Your audience will surely love it!
  • Don’t forget to provide every listener with the needed materials.
  • Make sure that everyone is listening to your speech. Don’t be shy and keep eye contact, tell jokes between the lines, and laugh with the audience!
  • See if every audience member is following you. Repeat your actions if needed. Some people may not understand you at once. Offer your help, be patient and polite.
  • Maybe someone from the audience could be your assistant? Remember that it doesn’t mean making a fool of that person. On the contrary, you should praise and support their efforts.
  • Finish with a striking summary, encourage your listeners, and call to action!
  • Ask if anyone has questions. Consider leaving some handouts in case people want to know more.

These tips and example topics will help you get started, inspire you, and help to come up with your unique ideas for demonstration speech. Good luck!

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