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Crafting an essay can be challenging enough without the added obstacle of grammar errors. Let our online essay editor elevate your writing to its fullest potential. Our attentive editors ensure that grammar mistakes become a thing of the past. Impress your professors with clear, concise, and professional writing that they’ll eagerly anticipate reading.

How college essay editor helps make your essay perfect

No matter what kind of assignment you have – writing a personal or college application essay should be brilliant. You could use an extra check even if you have given your best effort while writing the article. During even the most detailed work, minor mistakes can escape your eyes. However, they can only negate some of the efforts. Our professional essay proofreaders are always ready to lend a helping hand, so you are guaranteed to impress your teacher.

Our team is qualified editors with higher education related to most of the academic sciences. They can check essays and know how to fill them with deep meaning. Your edited essay will stand out from hundreds of others and will help you achieve fantastic success.

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Our service is more than a free online editor. It provides the following great benefits:

  • Spelling and grammar checking. The editor first identifies and highlights grammar and spelling errors within your text. That includes mistakes related to verb tense, subject-verb agreement, punctuation, and misspelled words.
  • Improved style and clarity of presentation. Our experts go beyond simply detecting errors. They offer recommendations to improve overall style, sentence structure, and clarity. An editor may recommend rephrasing sentences, removing unnecessary adverbs, or suggesting better word choices to ensure your essay gets the point across.
  • Plagiarism Detection. One of the mandatory requirements for any essay is uniqueness. Use our proofreading tool to only check your text in detail to ensure it is plagiarism-free.

It’s also essential for you to realize that our tool is consistent with academic integrity. On the contrary, proofreading services help you create high-quality, error-free, well-structured essays for educational or creative purposes.

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You’ll get more than high-quality text

If you are still hesitant to seek our help, we will present you with more powerful arguments to improve your writing skills with the support of our experienced editors.

  • Time-saving. Manual proofreading is time-consuming, especially when dealing with lengthy documents. An experienced editor will speed up the process by providing instant feedback and suggestions, saving you valuable time.
  • Learning Opportunity. You will receive a paper with corrected type and spelling mistake and a detailed commentary on each correction. Each suggestion for improvement will be justified. You understand why the author proposes to make specific changes, which will contribute to your continuous improvement as an editor.
  • Cost-effective. If you are writing an essay that should help you get a scholarship, the minor cost of editing services will often pay for itself. Our editor will help you choose the right words to establish you as a top student.


How do I communicate with my editor?

Of course, our editing service allows students to communicate with our authors. When we assign a suitable proofreader, you can contact them in your account. The essay editor will always be in touch to answer your questions, share ideas, etc.

Do you have admissions essay or application essay editors available?

We work with all types of essays. Admission essays are the most popular type of paper we do. If you want to increase your chances of admission, ask our proofreaders for help.

Can I request an editor if I know who I want to work with?

If you have found an online editor you feel comfortable working with, you can ask him to be assigned. When placing an order, leave a note about cooperation with the necessary author.

What kinds of documents can editors help me with?

You can turn to us for help with any type of paper. We will help you with an essay or abstract and a research project or dissertation.
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