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What is a Controversial Topic

You might have heard about the controversies all around the globe. You can use those controversial topics and learn how to formulate an exceptional topic for your essay. So what should you know about controversial topics?

Controversial essays can either be controversial speeches or controversial essays. The controversial topics are quite usually strong opinions on a certain topic. Whenever you choose to write or speak regarding a controversial issue, the most important thing that you should have to do is become devil’s advocate. By doing that, you can become familiar with the counter-arguments of the opposing parties. It would also help you to develop a number of critical thinking skills and provide you with an aspect of thinking outside the box. The skill is also quite favorable for people who like to pursue career in public policy and politics. By articulating your thoughts, you can easily engage with the audience in conversation.

What Are the Most Controversial Topics 2023?

Every year has its own controversies that are discussed and debated on different scales. Following are some of the most controversial topics of 2019:

  • Is Google listening to your phone calls?
  • Is augmentation in human bodies fruitful for our future generation?
  • Can you modify your traits of your child during pregnancy?
  • How effective was Pope Francis’ visit to Arab countries?
  • Is our democracy dying in Trump’s America?
  • Elon Musk’s exploration and its social implications
  • Can marijuana be used for recreational purposes?
  • Anti-vaxxers could enable pandemic situation in the US
  • Performance enhancing drugs and its side effects.
  • Oscars nominations in 2019 and its bias
  • Why does the super bowl league make controversial ads?
  • Genetically modified mosquitoes: What else is going to happen?
  • Are we living in the age of neo-Nazis and white supremacists? What else is going to happen?
  • Can native Americans have the same rights and liberties as others?
  • Black Lives Matter or Blue Lives Matter: What are we going to get with this discussion?
  • Cohen’s testimony and paradigm of the United States politics
  • Liam Nelson, can artists have controversial opinions?
  • Can politician like Ilhan Omar need to have anti-Semitic behavior?
  • What implications does Bird Box have on social behaviors?
  • The accusation of Catholic cardinals in child rape and abuse cases during 2019

Controversial Science Topics

  1. Earth Institute vs Heartland Institute: Which sounds better?
  2. Can alternate fuels replace fossil fuels by 2020?
  3. Can cell phone radiation kill you?
  4. Abrupt increase in human population could make global warming worse
  5. How effective is daylight saving in current decade?
  6. Does paranormal world exist?
  7. What happens when doomsday clock reaches zero?
  8. Can you travel between parallel universes?
  9. What makes evolution or creationism a science or art?
  10. Are we living in a toxic environment?

Funny Controversial Topics

  1. Why are cat videos trending on YouTube?
  2. The subtle benefits of using the mobile phone while driving
  3. What makes smoking beneficial for your health?
  4. Masturbation is a natural process
  5. Why you should enjoy smog in your area?
  6. Can the Kardashians be the next US President?
  7. Why should you post your credit card information online?
  8. Is online gaming a real sport?
  9. Should Walmart need to implement a dress code policy?
  10. Why cats are better than dogs?

Controversial Speech Topics

  1. Fundamentalism in religion should be considered a global threat
  2. Health insurance firms should increase their data protection protocols
  3. The inflation of the certificates and diplomas by high-school grades.
  4. Tests for STDs should be available portably
  5. Hunting of rare species should be strictly regularized
  6. Nuclear power can be considered as a viable source of energy generation
  7. Government should stop subsidies on farms
  8. Governments need to make strict policies to fight child labor
  9. Behavior of children is a result of bad parenting
  10. Should we conduct experimentation on humans?

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Controversial Essay Topics

  1. Dating at the workplace should be allowed
  2. Castration of sex offenders is a much-needed measure
  3. Graveyard hours at work can cause you ten years of your precious life
  4. Abortion: Pro-choice or pro-life
  5. How good is multiculturalism for our society?
  6. Is US intervention in Iraq justified?
  7. Pornography access needs to be banned from public places
  8. Should teens be allowed to gamble?
  9. Increase in suicidal tendencies among youth
  10. Should teen be allowed to hold public office?

Controversial Political Topics

  1. Labor Unions can become a mafia for the organization
  2. Nuclear arms race needs to be stopped
  3. Can the world be finally at peace?
  4. Should the electoral college be abolished?
  5. Can torture be used for interrogation?
  6. Should America focus on the welfare of its people?
  7. Student loans result in reduced quality of life for students
  8. Prisoners should have better human rights
  9. Death penalty: Is it barbaric?
  10. Censorship and right to freedom of expression

Most Controversial Topics 2021

  1. Ice bucket challenge can be a real goal in life
  2. Are CIA black sites justifiable?
  3. War on Terror and cost-benefit analysis
  4. How effective is PETA in avoiding violence against pets?
  5. Trending #WomenBycottTwiter and Rose Army
  6. Laura Loomers: What makes her commit hate speech against Muslims?
  7. Should we turn a blind eye to Donald Trump’s sexually offensive remarks?
  8. Evolution of #MeToo movement and its implications on Hollywood Industry
  9. Moonlight vs La La Land: Are Oscars justified?
  10. Should PewDiePie’s anti-Semitic remarks go unnoticed?

Most Controversial Topics 2022

  1. Blue Life Matters vs Black Life Matters
  2. Racial Profiling of Muslim Actors and Performers at Airports
  3. Second Amendment Rights and Gun Owners
  4. Living as LGBTQ+ in Trump’s America
  5. Increase in Ku Klux Klan and White supremacy in America
  6. TSA and its overregulation at airports
  7. PewDiePie vs T-Series: Which one is better?
  8. Gender Pay Gap at BBC: How is it justified?
  9. Laura Ingraham and Gun Control Advocacy
  10. Why are school shooting incidents rose in the United States?

Controversial Debate Topics

  1. Age of consent must be higher
  2. Should the United States legalize gambling?
  3. Racism and Freedom of Expression
  4. Should media be allowed to manipulate jury?
  5. Insanity defense
  6. Indian surrogate industry
  7. Concealed arms and second amendment
  8. Creationism vs evolution
  9. Can secularism have room for religion?
  10. Euthanasia for terminally ill patient

Controversial Persuasive Speech Topics

  1. How effective is Amnesty International in curbing global violence?
  2. Is it necessary to regulate the evolving media?
  3. How does intelligent building design curb global warming?
  4. Can artificial intelligence impact our day to day tasks?
  5. No Child Left Behind and its significance in the current age
  6. Does the Government have to impose FISA (Federal Intelligence Surveillance Act) on American citizens?
  7. Effects of Monopoly of life-saving drugs companies?
  8. Historical evolution of the LGBTQ+ community in the United States
  9. Can electromagnetic radiation be lethal for you?
  10. Are we going to get a military unit for space?

Controversial Topics In Education

  1. Is it necessary to wear school uniforms?
  2. How effective is sexual education in American schools?
  3. Homeschooled children and their achievements
  4. Should your child need to go to pre-school?
  5. Can ebook learning affect learning outcomes of students?
  6. Is there a need for reforms in the education sector’s wage pay gap?
  7. Is it necessary to have bilingual proficiency in the United States?
  8. Incorporation of nourishment curriculum in the schooling system
  9. Would it be feasible for schooling students all year?
  10. Excessive students inhibit children development

Controversial Health Topics

  1. Could healthcare rationing be a good choice for the US healthcare system?
  2. How secure is your implanted GPS limb?
  3. GMO crops are the necessary evil for the global food chain
  4. What is worse: Marijuana or Alcohol?
  5. Should vaccinations be mandatory for public schooling?
  6. How does the meat industry impact by antibiotics?
  7. Does smoking really cause cancer?
  8. What do you know about fetal abuse as part of pregnancy?
  9. What is the impact of value-size meals on American citizens’ healthcare?
  10. Does stem cell research provide solution to terminally ill patients?
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Controversial Sports Topics

  1. How morality does destroy Tiger Woods career?
  2. The Australian ball tempering incident: What are the consequences?
  3. What gives Serena Williams right to rant the umpire?
  4. What makes Lance Armstrong use performance enhancing drugs?
  5. Did OJ Simpson really commit murder?
  6. Pete Rose and illegal betting in baseball sports
  7. Assault in Sports: A curious case of Nancy Kerrigan and Tonya Harding
  8. The Penn state sex abuse
  9. Should sportsmen need to win by any means necessary?
  10. NCAA and SMU death penalty


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