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What is the Response Paper?

Most of the times, your college or university teacher asks you about writing a response paper on a piece of music, a book/article, a film, a masterpiece of art or even a promotional or marketing campaign. The very first aspect that you need to understand is what does a typical response paper looks like?

A response paper is nothing but a way to jot down your personal learnings and viewpoint about virtually any topic in question along with the core beliefs, values and most importantly, the ideas behind those learnings and viewpoint. The response essays are not concise or terse in nature. The reader already has an idea of the piece of work but s/he likes to know your opinion and thought process about the piece of work. The concepts, beliefs, attitudes, and most importantly, values along with their core understanding is the only concern of the writer. You can say that a response letter can be considered as a heartfelt written letter, a great idea, or even a conversation to the author or creator of the piece of art or literature. The response paper is quite relaxed, uncensored, and vivid in nature depicting even the minuscule of the details that captivated you. By articulating sound responses, you can tell your reader that you have read, listened, watched, or observed the piece of art and analyzed it through your lens.

How Do You Write a Good Reading Response Paper?

Writing a good reading response paper is not a task that requires cumbersome efforts. Instead it requires an informal approach. Like, if you are reading it, it should sound more like an informal conversation instead of a formal review of a book or an art. Observation is the key to writing a good response paper. It is more of an insight to your own personal beliefs, views, and most importantly, observations instead of a text-book approach. You might be thinking of what steps should I take to write a perfect response paper? Here are some:

  • Understand and observe the art or literature for an initial review to get a gist of writing.
  • Make use of those sticky notes on specific pages that interest you and capture your nascent impressions.
  • After you are done, go through the marked notes and think for some time to draw your more concrete observations.
  • Jot down your thoughts on sheets as brainstorming notes.
  • Go through those thoughts, and think what thesis could you derive from it.
  • Connect the dots from your brainstorming notes and link them to your thesis statement
  • And Viola! You are ready to construct your response essay.

Response Paper Format

Well, response papers are somewhat informal but they are structured well just like any other piece of writing. The respond essay comprise of an introduction, body and finally, conclusion. Isn’t it look more like your typical college essay? It is. So, what’s the difference? Well, it is what you will write and the tone of writing. In an introduction, you would have to grab attention of reader(s) by stating your purpose and subject of the response essay. In the next part, you are going to express your opinion. Surely, there is no reason to be shy about how you feel and express your opinion in the response paper. You can use phrases of “I believe”, “I think”, and “In my view” as much as you like. But there’s a catch here. You need to support your opinions with evidences to back them up. You can either critique or compare, and agree or refute depending on your own view. You can also write about the degree of persuasiveness of a response paper. A balance needs to be established between critiquing and discussing the work. After that, the reaction needs to be presented. In the final part, concluding remarks are highlighted that tie the responses in respond essay to the thesis statement.

How Do You Write an Introduction to a Reaction Paper?

After you have completed writing your outline, you will need to start working on the first draft of the response essay by using all the key elements for an introductory paragraph. The introduction part needs to grab the attention of readers by developing a connection with the reader. A strong introductory sentence is all that is needed to determine the direction of your respond essay. Say, that you are writing a reaction essay on an article or a book, the first and foremost sentence needs to mention that the author’s name(s) along with the title of the work. In the last sentence of the introductory sentence should have a thesis statement. This statement will provide an insight to the complete essay and your view on the work on which you are writing response paper.

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How Do You Write a Conclusion for a Response Paper?

The last part of conclusion outlines the outcome of the responses of the beliefs, values, and norms. It can include showing the audience how your view and author’s view intertwine with each other. It can also be how your view contradicts the view and belief of author or creator of art. You can either agree or disagree based on your opinions that are supported by evidences. You can also jot down the conflicting remarks. Even, the author’s view can change your perspective as well. If that happened, you can also mention that as part of the response paper. The concluding remarks also need to include the reaffirmation of the thesis statement.

What is an Example of Response Essay?

Most of the times, most of the students are overburdened with a number of assignments and responsibilities that they do not have ample time to excel in their class. Although, the best students are faced with circumstances that result in bad grades because they have to do part-time work to support their education and family. Some of you might like to spend time with friends and family but have tons of papers and assignments due within a week or the next week. What can you do about it? There is a way for it. Some of the students follow it and have better work-student-life balance than others. Those students use the ready-made samples and essays to get an idea about the topic. It helps them enormously by reducing the amount of effort needed to complete a single response essay. We also have some of these examples as listed below:

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Bottom Line

Jotting a response paper down requires significant considerations and thorough preparation. In order to start writing the response paper, it is required that you know and understand the piece of work by observing, listening, watching or reading it a number of times while writing every areas of personal interests. Hence, this requires that you should plan your writing through reading, making observations, creating a draft, and finally, constructing a response essay. A robust introduction followed by evidenced-backed responses, and a sound conclusion makes the perfect response paper. It is better to proofread the paper and make necessary adjustments if necessary. By following this, you can easily stand in the ranks of top-grade students in your class.

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