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What is a Process Analysis Essay?

A process analysis essay describes the process through which a task is done. It elaborates step by step procedure that is being followed in chronological or sequential order. The main purpose of this article is to show, explain, and describe a specific action or procedure. Use appropriate language and make sure that the readers get a sense of the direction that has to be followed.

For example, this article can itself be a process analysis essay if it describes the step-by-step process of writing an essay.

What are the Steps in Writing a Process Analysis Essay?

In order to write a process analysis essay, you need to keep some tips in mind:

  1. Brainstorm a couple of ideas.
  2. Shortlist the best ideas and select one.
  3. Start working on the introduction. Make sure you clearly explain the process you wish to describe.
  4. In the main body, write the process in sequence from first to last. This might be tricky so make sure you have complete information about the process.
  5. In conclusion, state the whole process in a sentence or two.
  6. Do not add new information in the conclusion.
  7. Be precise and clear in your essay. Do not vague about the topic.
  8. Use transition words like then, now, so, once, etc.

Process Analysis Essay Outline

Like every other essay, a process analysis paper also has an introduction, the main body, and a conclusion. The number of paragraphs varies with the topic or process that is to be described.


For a process analysis essay:

  • There is no need to write the background or origin of the chosen topic or procedure. For example, if a recipe demands chili sauce, state the ingredient with its quantity. There is no need to write the origin of chili sauce and its usage in other dishes.
  • Do not use unnecessary words, and be precise in the introductory paragraph.
  • Write the relevancy and its importance in the introduction.
  • You can also write the outcome of the procedure through an example.

Main body:

  • Depending upon the topic and number of paragraphs, a different paragraph shall be started in order to identify any resource or equipment if used.
  • For example, if an ingredient is not available locally, you can inform the readers about any substitute or the place where they could find the ingredient.
  • Potential risks or benefits can also be mentioned.
  • With a new paragraph, start describing the process in a chronological pattern and use transition words for this purpose.
  • Be descriptive in your essay while writing the process.


  • Summarize the process in conclusion. This does not mean that you have to repeat the whole process but focus on key points.
  • Mention the expected result.

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For example, if you are writing recipes, focus on the flame level to be used or any other key point that might spoil the taste. State the color or taste of the dish if the procedure is followed correctly.

What is an Example of Process Analysis?

Students usually refer to examples while writing a process analysis. These samples or examples are easily available on different websites and books as well. Here is an example from our side as well. The article has mainly used the example of recipe, so the sample essay will be of a recipe, too.

“Pasta in white sauce”

Fettuccine smeared in a cream-based white sauce with traces of capsicum and garlic.

Cooking time: 25 minutes.

Servings: 2


  • Pasta fettuccine 2 cups
  • Cream 5 tablespoons
  • Garlic (chopped) 1 teaspoon
  • Olive oil 2 teaspoons
  • Capsicum (red) 1 teaspoon
  • Capsicum (yellow) 1 teaspoon
  • Broccoli 1 tablespoon
  • Parsley (chopped) ½ teaspoon
  • Salt as required
  • Black pepper (crushed) ½ teaspoon


For the pasta:

  • Boil the pasta as per the instructions on the packet.
  • Strain the pasta and let it cool.

For the sauce:

  • Heat a pan on medium flame. Pour olive oil and let it heat up.
  • Now add chopped garlic and other vegetables and sauté for a minute.
  • Then add cream, black pepper, and salt.
  • Mix the ingredients in the pan and then add pasta. Cook for two minutes.
  • Transfer pasta to a dish and garnish it with parmesan cheese and parsley.
  • Your pasta is ready to be served.

Tip: You can use cheddar cheese instead of parmesan.

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Bottom Line

In a nutshell, a process analysis essay needs to be precise and clear. The writer must use a chronological pattern and be clear with the content. Use transitions like after this, then, now, firstly, secondly, etc. Be to the point with your idea. Only the process requires description, as the reader must be aware of all the steps and the outcome.

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