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A manual on writing Leadership Essay: comprehensive answers to most frequent questions

To achieve success in the modern world, one must possess special qualities and traits. In the time of stiff competition, levers of power and influence switch from one leader to another. Everyone wants to lead, not to be led, but only a few of us have leadership features and are able to organize people around.

For employees, other traits are more important, but for employers, it’s crucial to be an authority and have influence with staff. Then why do students have to think and write essays about leadership during their studies?

Leadership traits become apparent quite early: at school or college, you can notice, as some students pay heed to others, while the latter makes no special effort for that. At the same time, leadership qualities can be acquired by special psychological training and practices, especially if it’s essential for your future career.

Leadership essay assignments are included in the academic curriculum for a reason. It is the first conscious step to analyze what social position you hold now and what to aim at. Besides this, it is a good way to become familiar with different types of essays, like reflective, analytical, expository, etc.

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Before you start

Like for any other essay or research paper, you have to start by brainstorming the ideas and understanding your own attitude to the matter. So, try asking yourself several questions on the topic of leadership, and you will get a draft roadmap, as a result:

  • What is leadership for you?
  • What features should a leader possess?
  • What are the best examples of leaders you can recall from history?
  • What contemporary leaders impress you most?
  • Do you consider yourself a leader?
  • In what professions are leadership qualities essential?
  • What difficulties do leaders face?
  • Do you think people are born to be leaders or acquire the skills in the course of life?
  • Do you know examples of bad leaders who did harm to their followers?
  • Why do people follow bad examples?

First, try to answer these questions yourself, and after that, do research and gather the information that supports your points and will contribute to your essay.

Understanding of leadership essay and its types

So, what is a leadership essay, indeed? It is an academic work, where students have to explore the notion of leadership, review case studies of most famous leaders, investigate and describe essential traits or compare leadership styles, etc. All these tasks depend on the type of essay you have to write.

Let’s revise the main essay types and how they are discernible in academic works on leadership:

Persuasive essays on leadership – require students to prove the point of why this or that leadership model or strategy is more suitable for particular conditions or society. In such an essay type, you will have to defend your viewpoint and provide convincing arguments. This is why this type of essay is also called Argumentative.

Expository essays on leadership – focus on the description of some leadership topics. Such an essay is aimed to educate or; it’s more accurate to say, provide information and facts to readers to make their own judgment. Be sure not to transform your expository essay into a persuasive one when comparing various leadership approaches.

In Narrative leadership essays, you will have to describe a particular event or situation related to leadership. It may be a case from your own expertise or example from history or modern days. It is not a description in pure form, though – a narrative essay should focus on a gripping story about a leader, his/her adventures or experience, and the way his/her skills helped to accomplish the mission.

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Most important leadership qualities

This must be one of the most controversial questions as leadership is sometimes achieved in different ways. For someone being a leader means to inspire fear to make people follow; for others, leadership consists of humane ideals and principles.

Anyway, let’s try to review the most widely accepted features that leaders should have to be successful in our time:

  • Self-confidence – no one can deny that unconfident people cannot lead the way and organize the crowd. This feature is crucial to make people give credence to you.
  • Intelligence – Believe it or not, but only organizational skills mean nothing if there is no bright mind behind them. Very soon, people understand whether the person is competent or just trying to seem so.
  • Sense of responsibility – good leaders must stand by their words and be accountable for actions. Thus, their followers see the proof and show trust. Taking care of people is a good way to demonstrate that your followers can rely on you.
  • Charisma – sometimes, it happens that people follow others not only for their intellect or achievements but because some kind of charm comes from them. It is not obligatory a natural beauty that fascinates the followers, but very often such things as the manner of speaking, facial gesture, movements, etc.
  • Motivation – when leaders can inspire people or give them a push to do something, it is also highly evaluated. Not everyone has the ability to burn interest and make people enthusiastic about their work.
  • Dedication – if a leader can show by personal example that he/she is eager about some task and is ready to devote considerable time to it, his followers will do the same in most cases.
  • Persuasiveness – conditions are not always favorable, and in every sphere, there may be hard times, but only those leaders who can convince and influence people can bring them together and break the deadlock.

You may use our points for your essay on leadership and link them to some real-life examples. Moreover, these features can be of help if you are still figuring out what leadership aspects to write about or looking for some hints.

Leadership essay construction and components

In order to make your leadership essay comprehensive, make sure to follow the generally required pattern of essay writing. You must know that every essay or research paper includes three main parts, such as:

  1. Introduction, where you have to state your thesis and provoke interest to make the audience want to continue reading. Remember that this part should provide only hints to the further text and not spill the beans at once.
  2. The main body has to be divided into several paragraphs – each for a specific idea and proving arguments. If you don’t know how to write a leadership essay body, examine your outline with information extracts from the sources you explored: most interesting and fresh points should be presented from a new paragraph. The paragraph you develop the topics by means of illustrative examples and facts. At the end of every paragraph, you provide a bottom line or a transitional sentence.
  3. The conclusion is the last part of your essay, where you restate your initial point and justify it with a brief summary of the text.

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Catching essay topics on leadership

We’ve prepared for you some topics on leadership, which you can use for the writing assignment or generate your own ideas.

  • The difference in the behavior of leaders in the USA and European countries;
  • How can leadership qualities be useful in family life?
  • Psychological triggers that leaders use;
  • Modern Leadership styles;
  • Leadership styles of different political regimes;
  • Leadership and parenting;
  • Does leadership at school determine leadership at college or workplace?
  • Comparing principles of leadership in Islamic and Catholic countries;
  • Effective leadership techniques to achieve productive work;
  • Difference between leadership methods in education and business;
  • Historical figures who influenced people in a bad way;
  • Country leaders vs. shadow government;
  • Female leaders and their achievements;
  • Common and distinctive features of Hitler, Lenin, Stalin, Mussolini leadership tactics;
  • Leadership principles of Gandhi;
  • Politics and religion: what has a greater influence on people?
  • Real leaders: the power behind the throne;
  • Comparison of male and female leaders: strong and weak sides;
  • Peculiarities of servant leadership;
  • Steve Jobs as a leader and motivator vs. Stephen Wozniak as an inventor.

Leadership essay step-by-step

Now when you have a clue how to write a leadership essay, let’s create a clear roadmap for you to follow when getting down to this task:

  1. Select the most suitable topic for your essay from the above list or made on your own (unless you’ve been given one by your professor).
  2. Investigate this topic and collect real-life examples from experience or credible sources.
  3. Organize the ideas and write an outline before starting to compose your paper. Learn more about essay outline here.
  4. Be sure to meet academic requirements when writing your essay – adhere to the style and type of academic work.
  5. Don’t forget about the references part in case you use citations in your work.
  6. Double-check your essay after finishing to make sure there are no grammar, stylistic, or lexical mistakes.
  7. Ask your group mates or family members to read your essay – very often; a fresh perspective is important for a written work.
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