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How to Write Abortion Essay

Different groups and categories of people have been discussing and debating the topic of abortion all over the world for many years. And it’s not a surprise as this topic is really highly controversial, has many fors and againsts. The issue has so many sides that people discuss it from various points of view and perspectives, such as law, ethics, philosophy, religion, and medicine. Moreover, no one can deny the fact that abortion is a hypersensitive issue that touches every person. It’s difficult to find a person who does not have his or her own point of view or even an experience connected with this topic. People argue about abortion in different ways, and of course, writing an abortion essay is one of the common forms of doing that. In this article, we are going to have a look at how to write an abortion essay. What should you expect to find here? We will provide you with an in-depth description of how to perform a successful piece of writing, what kind of structure it should have, what to do to outline the most important information.

Argumentative Abortion Essay: What is it About?

Before starting an argumentative essay, you should understand the meaning of the term itself. So, first of all, it should be mentioned that an argumentative essay requires investigating and studying the topic extensively. The top task of a writer is information collecting and estimating and then expressing his own opinion about it. Where to look for the information on the topic? In literature and texts which were written and published in earlier times. After research, you can perform your own piece of writing. Thanks to all of this, the writer will gain deep insight into the topic and understand various questions about the degrees of other specialists. The writer can take their position into account and create his own and suit the action to the word later. The distinctive features of all argumentative essays are forming a distinct and precise thesis as well as sticking to strict argumentation principles. The main purpose of an argumentative essay is to fix a frame of reference and make the readers to be convicted of it. The actual facts are used as an instrument to support the existing and set opinion. It only might be done in case the issue has been investigated and studied by the writer from different sides earlier.

The Key Points of Writing an Argumentative Essay on Abortion

Since abortion is a medical issue it is necessary to research and present it really carefully and attentively. So, our first and the most important advice is to research and study the issue assiduously which will allow us understand the terminology freely and easily. You should not forget the fact that most people perceive this topic quite sensitively so try to do your best and be as careful as possible when choosing the right words so that the piece of your writing won’t hurt anyone.

Structure of an Argumentative Essay on Abortion

When it comes to the structure of an abortion essay it should be mentioned that it does not have any distinct features from other papers of this kind.

  1. The introduction comes first. Its purpose is to provide the main definitions so that the reader can understand the topic. It is also recommended to put some background information, give explanations of the reasons which moved you to work on this problem and provide a thesis. Usually, a thesis is used to open and share your own view on the subject.
  2. A useful piece of advice: if you want to provide your readers with a quality thesis statement for abortion, you have to know and be aware of the topic really well but at the same time you have to provide only your honest and open opinion.
  3. The next and really important component in the essay structure is its main body. You can use this part to express all the bullet points you have for and against the abortions. It is the very right place to put and share all your ideas regarding the topic.
  4. The final part is about writing a conclusion for your essay. Your primary goal here is concluding all the ideas you have already discussed in the piece of work. You do not need to add anything new here, just phrase and show your own vision on the abortion issue.
  5. Sometimes you might be given an additional task to perform an outline for your essay. In this case, you will have to complete the table of contents with enumerated paragraphs of your essay.

Do you think there is nothing complicated in writing an argumentative essay on abortion if a definite structure is followed? Not everything is that simple as it seems to be. The reason is that you might face specific issues arising from this particular subject which must be explained further.

Choosing the Topic for Future Paper

The topic of abortion is a subject of particular importance and sensitivity. Different people usually have different really strong feelings and completely opposite opinions regarding it. In most cases, a person might strongly support abortion and perceive it as a part of private space and freedom or be strongly opposed to it and perceive it as even something criminal.

The main task and goal of a writer when he or she performs an argumentative essay is to investigate the existing statements and do his or her best to find confirmatory evidence for each particular statement. Your top priority is choosing and defining the topic of future paper. And that should be done with special care.

As you can probably imagine, the number of possible existing topics is really huge. In spite of their immense variety, all of them are divided into two main categories: those supporting protection of a human’s life, which means that they are contrary to abortion and those which support the right of choice, which means they stand out for making abortions legal. As soon as you have made your choice of the perspective you would like to lighten in your work, the next step is about making a considerable and consistent investigation of the literature which exists in this area in order to evaluate the subject objectively. It is not recommended to present the facts which are not backed up with clear proof of respected authorities.

As far as the topic of abortion causes a lot of arguments, do your best to consider each of them in your piece of work thoroughly. But, as we have already mentioned, your primary task is supposed to stand up for a particular side and provide additional proof of you being right. Also, you are expected to present a contrary opinion and its supporting facts but then wear them down with your existing proof.

An argumentative essay on why not to fully legalize abortion

To make the process of writing an argumentative essay easier and simpler we advise you to separate it into a few different sections and after that just complete each section with the right and interesting content. Thanks to it writing your paper will be much more streamlined.

Let’s try to explain it in the example. For instance, you would like to write an argumentative essay on why not to legalize abortion fully. A great step here will be to provide a few reasons as a support of your point of view as well as to bolster it up with the help of statistical information, the declaratory stance of men of outstanding personality and power structures and other kinds of corroborating data.

Divide the essay body into a few different paragraphs. Use each separate paragraph for discussing a certain shared vision at the same time trying to keep a logical connection between consideration of every separate point of view and the headnote which was stated at the beginning of the essay.

If you support saving of life you could make the case that an unborn child is a human being from the very beginning, from the date of conception so none has a right to take its life. It already can feel and perceive the world so it would greatly suffer due to abortion. Use different forms of medical evidence, for example, ultra-sonograms where we can distinctly see that a human embryo needs only three months to be fully formed. After this period their heart starts beating and their excitatory system is well developed so that they can distinctly feel the pain. It is proved that by the time most abortions happen the unborn child has already formed legs and arms which he or she can easily move. Moreover, it even has completely evolved fingers and toes. So, it can confidently be called a real human being who is growing inside a woman and waiting for its birth.

Consider it to be the first argument in favor of your own point of view. Also, do not forget that you are up to making up a few more solid and truthful arguments. A good idea would be to have a look at the issue from the point of view of its influence on the medical and psychological health of a woman. It won’t be a surprise that after an abortion procedure, a woman can face some possible fundamental health care. Further, still, an abortion can also substantially worsen her mental health as she might get the emotional scars as the result of an abortion.

One more important point to consider and mention is the question of religion. It is well known that religion does not support abortions and has been against this issue for many centuries. So, it can be a very helpful argument at this stage.

Another point that you might use in your essay is the issue of human rights protection. You may highlight that every human being has his or her own rights even those that are only developing now.

Close your essay with the conclusion. You must understand that this part of your work usually impresses and influences the reader most of all, so your task is to do your best to make it both strong and reasoned. It should come out of the body of your writing in a natural way and generalize all the facts and evidence provided in part above. You do not need to present any new information here. Everything you are required to do is to express the thesis in other words, mention the high-stakes proof-points again and encourage the reader to develop his or her thoughts on the subject matter.

An Argumentative Essay in Favor of Legalization of Abortion

In case you have decided to root for a completely opposite point of view and be in favor of the legalization of abortion you can keep to the same structure of the paper. At the first stage, you provide the reader with the thesis, develop the subject from the chosen point of view, and adduce reasons for shoring up your point of view. Do not forget to include actual experience, statistical knowledge and lights found and taken from trustworthy sources.

The best sources are articles on the subject, points of view of acknowledged experts and so on. See to it that you provide plenty of demonstrable support of your vantage point. Use the introduction section to put on the thesis about the full legalization of abortion. And later on, continue discussing it to the intent that every single woman deserves to make her own decisions without the need to take into account pressing ideas from the society and lawmaking regulations.

Use the body of the essay to state and show proof of all those procedures which were carried out in an illegal and dangerous way just to stop pregnancy in those countries where abortion is restricted and forbidden by the law of the country. Then you should provide your readers with the statistical figures showing how many different complications abortions have caused. When providing further choice supporting arguments do not forget to look into this issue from the standpoint of wellness, population science, civil rights, and civil liberties, laws, statutes, codes, rules, regulations, requirements and Christianity. A good idea will be to highlight that according to a lot of specialists and expert determination an unborn baby cannot live independently outside the mother’s utero so it is wrong to call it an independent human being. Consequently, the government has no right to make a decision in respect of a body of a woman for her account.

After that, you should present contrary arguments to support your opponent’s position. Abortion can fairly be called the question of vantage point: in case you treat this issue from the side point of an unborn child growing inside a woman you can make the case that none can take its right to develop, be born and live. In opposition to this, if you treat the issue from the mother’s side point, you can also give arguments that every mother has her own right to protection of her privacy and the government is not illegible to butt it. It is her body and it is only her who is allowed to make a choice regarding her own body. Do not forget to see into the issues of innate diseases, congenital malformation, mother’s age as well as social and economic conditions.

After you have dealt with all the above-mentioned issues in the body of your essay, do not forget to summarize them in the conclusion part of your paper. Here you are given a chance to enhance your arguments with the help of paraphrasing all the facts which you considered to be major in your work. Use some kind of attention grabber to give prominence to your standpoint. Think of referring to crisis pregnancies which might arise from rape or incest, or to the cases when a child might be born with severe deterioration of health.

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How to List For and Against Abortion

Summarizing the above said on how to write an argumentative essay on abortion we would like to point out that first of all you have to state your position and further provide your reader with a general list of rooting and setting off arguments. Those which are stated in furtherance of your standpoint should have the upper hand. Your major task here is to bring home to your readers that your opinion is really valid and has top rights to exist. Synchronously you have to discredit starkly differing views.

Be cognizant of the fact that you are required to cover the issue with deep and compelling points as well as provide a justification-based statement of the counter-party evidence and after that make them demonstratively inoperative. Remember that argumentative essays on abortion reckon for you to give arguments from completely opposite points of view. Have a look at the plan which might help you to list the fors and againsts when performing an argumentative essay on abortion:

  • The essay begins with an introduction, then two reasons why along with the supporting data and then the reason why to be against is denied and followed by the conclusion;
  • The essay begins with an introduction, then goes the refuting of the against point and later two reasons why are provided together with confirmatory evidence and everything is closed with the conclusion;
  • The essay begins with an introduction, then three confounding points are provided and controverted. After that the conclusion follows;
  • The essay begins with an introduction; the body of the essay is divided into two sections – the first one is used for presenting and stating set-offs and their confutation facts while the second one is used for providing three supporting facts. All that is ended with the conclusion.
  • The scheme where particulars of claim and defense have a turning order: introduction, a claim with the proof points, a counterclaim with wear down points, one more claim with the proof points, another counterclaim wear down points, and so on. All that is as always followed by the conclusion.

Do not forget to support your standpoints with factual information, common-sensical confirmation, and suggestions from specialists. Also do not forget to prove that some arguments against are wrong and should be disproved. Show others as such that has nothing to do with the subject and confuse them.

Additional Short Hints on Completing an Argumentative Essay on Abortion

We would like to provide you with some additional short hints on how to write a successful and really worth reading argumentative essay on abortion:

  • The subject should be examined and researched all the way through. You might want to start writing your paper right away, or you could consider it simply to be a waste of time to make a complete and thorough investigation of the topic. But understand that if your knowledge and understanding of the subject are not enough you simply will not be able to perform the task with a successful result. Your task is to differentiate between reputed and tricky sources of information that flow around the Internet as well as to separate from those which are just a make-belief or someone’s personal point of view not proved with a single piece of evidence.
  • Do not hustle. Of course, it is clear that you would like to finish the work as soon as possible, but you are not recommended to start the work as soon as you make informative notes where all the main sides of the topic will be covered and investigated to the fullest. Do not forget to have multiple looks at your notes; maybe you will find something that you would like to add or maybe there will be some needless recurrences. Place the material under close scrutiny and some extra ideas might arise or maybe you will find an extra inspiration to continue your research and find out more interesting facts and opinions.
  • The introduction has the most important role. It is always really difficult to begin something. Some people might get the feeling that they cannot cope with this task because they do not have enough competency or that it is not their area of work. Nothing good will come out if you force yourself trying to come up with at least any ideas. For a start, you can have a look at the papers that have already been written on the topic before you and use the first sentences from their work. That is just the first step you need to make and you will see how easily the work will go. Then you can come back to the very beginning of your paper and rewrite or change the first line into something more original and unique. You might put both political and moral standpoints into your introduction but we highly recommend you to refrain from beginning it with matters of religion that can simply upset or offend your readers. If you want to discuss and focus on this issue you can use the next parts of your work for that. Make everything possible to convince your readers that the topic has been considered by you seriously and in a detailed way. For that purpose, you can provide the stats and directions for trusted and reputable information sources. Do not forget to pay attention to the arguments for and against your position.
  • Use real facts as the base for your essay. It is well known that every story has two sides, so remember to depict them fairly and without fear or favor. Your task is to complete an argumentative essay, so you are advised to set apart any kind of preconception and use only factual information for consolidating your points. You cannot be any other way but really professional when you provide your readers with actual facts. You have no right to play fast and loose with the truth if you do not want it to end in disaster. Acting like that might be really dangerous and might form an unprofessional image for you. We advise you to use the information which was collected and found by you. We have already given you an explanation on how to complete an argumentative essay from two con-traversing points of view so you can merely start building up its main body.

Abortion essay examples and ideas

In the article above you can find useful and helpful suggestions on how to write an argumentative essay on abortion. Note that all the basic elements which you need to take into account to be successful in this area have been described and explained vividly. If you feel that it is still not enough and you would like to get some additional assistance you can study the essay samples on this topic on the web. They might turn out to be a great entry point when you begin completing your own piece of writing. The structure of these essays might be followed by you in your own paper to check that you present and use all the components in a proper way.

If you wish to find arguments debating on abortion take a deep look into already composed materials to find a broad spectrum of them. Everything you are up to do now is pitching upon the position you would prefer in this area. It might be both the choice supporting the position of the life-supporting one. The choice is yours and only yours.

Essay examples: Helpful Framework for Your Future Essay

Provided examples of argumentative essays hold a discussion of various standpoints on the abortion issue. In some of them, a historical angle is discussed, in some of them, the issue of abortion is looked at a legal angle, while others draw special attention to the priorities of mankind or health matters. You can use all these samples as a perfect and really helpful framework for your future essay. They can show you the right way how to structure your work and with which type of content to fill it up.

It won’t be a surprise for anyone that the issue of abortion is all-embracing, complex and integrated so the existing examples of written works on this topic might give you a hand with choosing the right direction after you made your choice of the right position to be for. There you can find a broad-based consideration of the topic from various angles and perspectives. Maybe some of them would never come to your mind but they do deserve your attention.

The Internet is overwhelmed with an enormous amount of information and material so sometimes it is not that easy and fast to find the right thing. But as soon as you find an argumentative essay on abortion for free you will understand that they help a lot to save your time and bring you a big deal of inspiration making it possible and much simpler to perform and make up an essay with a good structure and content.

Some Ideas and Inspiration to Write on the Topic

You don’t have your own ideas and inspiration to write on the topic? That’s not a big problem! By reviewing ready-made pieces of work, you can polish up your own contemplation and construct a strategy on how to write the assigned piece. Be sure to check the sources so that they are really reliable and trustworthy. Only such pieces can be used in your own writing. And there won’t be a need to look up and search hundreds of books and other sources.

You can use existing samples of argumentative essays not only during the process of writing an argumentative essay on abortion. Also, when your work is already finished you can use them with the purpose of comparison. In such a way you can check whether all important issues were mentioned and all significant arguments provided. For example, you can cover the issue of abortion from the medical angle, including the effect and influence it might have on a woman from both mental and physical point of view, as well as mentioning possible hazards to the health of an unborn child.

Or, you can look at it from the legal angle and perspective by stating statistical profile on how many procedures were carried out illegally and in a dangerous way in those countries where it is forbidden or restricted by severe legislation. Do not forget to compare it with the statistical profile of those countries which have less strict and severe legislation concerning abortion. You also can place attention on the demographic point and mention such problems as an overflow of population and the policy of some countries of having no more than one or two children.

How to Choose the Right Topic

Everyone who is going to write an argumentative essay on abortion understands that choosing the right topic is almost 90 presents of success in this difficult case. If you want to succeed in completing your piece of writing you must pay attention to making a really honest and truthful choice.

You will definitely agree that it is much easier to write on something which is true for you and which really matches and coincide with your personal and inner views and opinions. We have already mentioned that abortion has two completely opposing fractions ‒ the one which supports this procedure and the other one which is against it. So, we would like to provide you with some possible topics in favor of both of them. The choice is only yours!

Ideas and Examples of an Argumentative Essay on Abortion

Try to describe these topics:

  • Might the number of backstreet abortions rise up due to the abortion ban?
  • How various cultures treat abortion.
  • How can abortion influence the health of a woman?
  • At what age should abortion be allowed?
  • What makes a married couple decide on abortion?
  • Does the abortion procedure bring pain to an unborn child?
  • Can we call abortion a murder?
  • What is the reason that causes women to abortions?

Backing up arguments for abortion

If you decided to support abortion in your essay you might have a look at possible thesis statements for this procedure.

  • Our body belongs only to us so only we can decide what to do or not do with it.
  • Only a woman can decide if she would like to become a mother or not. Otherwise, it will destroy her independence.
  • According to some scientists, a fetus becomes a real person only after it is born.
  • A lot of neuroscientists claim that abortion procedure does not cause pain to a fetus.
  • Performing abortions in a legal way by a specialist can make the number of fatal outcomes from illegal backstreet procedures smaller.
  • Current abortion practices allow avoiding infecundity and further problems to woman’s health.
  • Thanks to abortion we can prevent the birth of ill children.
  • A woman who has no right to do an abortion may lose her job, become poor or suffer from domestic violence.
  • A child should only come to this world wanted.
  • Abortion helps to control the population.
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Arguments to be told against abortion

If you have made a decision to support a completely opposite point, then the following arguments will be really interesting and helpful for you.

  • Abortion is murder.
  • The woman’s womb is the place where life begins, so none can take the right of the unborn child to live.
  • Scientists claim that the procedure of abortion makes the fetuses suffer the pain.
  • Abortion has nothing in common with God`s commandments.
  • Abortion is the reason for many problems in the mental health of a woman.
  • Due to abortions, there are fewer children to adopt.
  • Doing abortion due to some medical contradictions and the embryo’s pathological changes can be considered to be a discrimination of natural features.
  • Do not use abortion as a form of contraception.
  • Women must undertake liability for being pregnant.
  • Increasing numbers of abortion promote life disrespect.
  • A child killed in abortion cannot make any social contribution
  • Abortion may be the reason for the health problems of a woman in the future.
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