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Can ChatGPT Write Essays?

ChatGPT is a new artificial intelligence chatbot that has recently emerged as a powerful tool boasting an impressive array of features, including creating tons of content in a blink of an eye. No wonder that people see it as an ideal choice to complete writing tasks of almost all types. But can ChatGPT write essays? And, more importantly, can it write good essays, of the same quality as written by professional writers? In this article, we will explore the capabilities of this chatbot, what it can and cannot do, and whether you should rely on it when you need to get your essay done. Let’s dive right in!

ChatGPT Overview

Have you ever thought of chatting with a robot and getting answers to any question you can come up with? Well, this is our reality now. With Chat Generative Pre-trained Transformer, you can get instant replies to any of your queries. This complex machine learning model boasts remarkable natural language and machine learning capabilities, thanks to which it can understand and engage in conversations just like a human would. To mention a few of its features, ChatGPT can answer questions, complete phrases, compose fiction or non-fiction works, develop human-like chatbot responses, write code, translate, calculate, summarize, work with tables and spreadsheets, and, of course, produce written pieces on almost any topic.

How Does It Work?

The chatbot’s system functions on Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3 (GPT-3), an advanced deep learning model from OpenAI that uses billions of parameters and is trained with petabytes of data. When a user sends a message to the chatbot, that message is analyzed for keywords and sentiment. These keywords and sentiment are then used as an input to ChatGPT, which uses them to generate relevant and contextual responses using natural language processing techniques. The chatbot takes content from a variety of sources, including language models, conversation datasets, and external sources, such as news sites and social media, so that the generated responses are informed by the user’s conversation, as well as the current trends and topics of discussion.

Advantages of Using ChatGPT

ChatGPT offers many advantages, such as increased accuracy in automated customer service, improved customer experience, and cost savings. With this tool, customers can get more personalized care and efficiently solve their queries. Additionally, the chatbot reduces latency, speeds up the customer service process, and increases customer satisfaction.

Possible ways to apply this technology:

  • Shopping. The chatbot can recommend products and provide personalized product suggestions.
  • Healthcare. The tool can help guide users through health and wellness decisions
  • Banking and finance. It can provide automated customer service solutions and support users with financial decisions
  • Travel. ChatGPT can answer travel questions and offer automated booking assistance.
  • Education. The chatbot can be used as a virtual tutor and provide students with additional resources for their studies.

Disadvantages of Using ChatGPT

Undoubtedly, the Open AI chatbot is a powerful tool, and many use it to get their writing tasks done instantly, including academic assignments. But can you fully rely on the chatbot when it comes to writing essays, for example? Let’s have a full picture and look at the chatbot’s downsides too.

  • ChatGPT character limit. The tool imposes a character limit of 4096 characters, which affects the complexity and length of the content it produces.
  • Mediocre quality. The texts generated by the chatbot may not always be of high quality or follow the instructions provided. Grammatical and spelling errors are also common in the texts that the chatbot produces.
  • False statements. The chatbot can give out content with inaccurate information.
  • Chatgpt network error. When the connection is lost, the tool stops working, which causes disruptions in workflow.

So, while ChatGPT can be a useful tool for content creation, you should be aware of its drawbacks. Even with all its amazing features, you cannot simplify the process of writing a good essay with a click of a button.

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The Limits of AI Tools Compared to an Essay Writer

There’s even more to it besides grammar, spelling, quality, and fact-check when it comes to writing an essay. Even this revolutionary chatbot cannot measure up to a human in terms of accuracy, context, understanding, and flexibility in writing. While AI-based free essay writer tools can provide a good baseline, it is limited in its ability to infer facts, define language nuances, interpret subtle clues, or understand topics outside its existing knowledge base. Let’s look at each aspect in more detail.

Capitalizing on Creativity

Humans have a unique creativity, and it’s unmatched by any machine. A human writer has an incomparable range of expressions, emotions, and ideas that no machine can replicate. They can connect disparate concepts and come up with unique solutions. On the other hand, the algorithms of ChatGPT, cannot work with more subtle nuances that come with human thought and creativity and cannot apply the same nuances to discussions.

Eliciting Emotions Through Writing

Human writers can express emotions in a way that chat gpt essay writer can’t match. Writers understand the nuances of human language and how to express concepts and ideas with emotion. They can use imagery, metaphors, and other devices to evoke strong and powerful emotions in persuasive essays, for example. They can also capture subtle nuances of feeling like anger, joy, sadness, and hope and can use them to bring out the depth and complexity of the ideas they discuss.

Including Personal Perspective

Unlike ChatGPT, which relies on a predetermined algorithm, human writers can craft essays that include their own unique voice, feelings, and opinions. This allows the reader to get a better feel for the writer’s own perspectives. The writer can use their own personal experiences and insights to enrich an essay. This gives the reader a deeper understanding of the topic and allows them to see and appreciate the subtle differences between an automated response and a human story.

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Incorporating Social & Cultural Context

Writing an essay on social and cultural topics requires a much deeper level of analysis and understanding than just churning out ideas. One needs to draw on a variety of personal experiences and knowledge in order to capture the essence of the topic. In contrast to ChatGPT, a human writer can tap into their own complex understanding of the world and incorporate social and cultural context into an essay. They draw from the knowledge and experiences of their own life to develop a more polished argument.

Developing a Critical Thinking Approach

When it comes to an analytical essay, for instance, human writers look at a problem from multiple angles and form an opinion based on their analysis. To do this, essay writers consider different perspectives, weigh evidence, examine relevant data, and use logic to back up their conclusions. On the other hand, ai essay writer cannot consider any new ideas, make connections, or develop its own opinion on what it has been given to read. Hence, it cannot bring the same level of questioning, thought, and research to the essay writing process that a human writer can.

Ways to Detect AI-Generated Content

Image source:

However, there are many ways to detect AI-generated content in written text. It can be any free or paid service.

Nowadays, college authorities and professors use them to find plagiarism and artificial content in students’ essays and diploma papers.

The Most Commonly Used AI-Detectors

Most of them are free to use. So you can check how they work on your own.


How AI-Detectors Work

To show you the difference between the texts written by humans and AI, there are some samples. Here is a piece of an article written by one of the essay writers and checked via As you can see, the service identifies this work as entirely human-written. So we can conclude that it works.

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The following text was generated by A similar topic was used to make this test more transparent. So you see that the AI checker finds artificial content easily.

Taking into account these samples, it is possible to summarize that your professor can detect whether you use an AI generator like ChatGPT while writing your essay or not.

Get the Most out of an Essay Writer

Overall, ChatGPT technology is certainly impressive, but it still can’t compare to an experienced human essay writer as it can’t provide the depth of understanding and attention to detail similar to an experienced writer. Human writers have the ability to understand the context of the essay, the nuances of language, and the power of emotions, as well as deliver the highest level of accuracy and precision. They can turn dry facts and figures into an essay that resonates with the reader. Finally, essay writers allow students to show their understanding of the topic, their knowledge and creativity, and their ability to explain complex concepts and ideas in a logical and cohesive manner. So when teachers grade an essay, they are looking for these qualities, and when the essay displays these skills, it gets better grades than if prepared in a robotic way.

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