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How to discuss climate change in your writing

Global warming is an actual issue that affects every life form on Earth. It an important question to discuss and write about. But before you start writing, you should learn some essential information about climate change, understand controversial moments about it, research different ways to prevent it. Here is an example of a climate change essay with all the necessary information about it, facts, and conclusions.

Climatic situation in recent years

The last decade was pretty tough for our planet – in recent years, the climate has changed markedly, and these changes have caused a lot of damage to the Earth. Some countries suffer from abnormal heat through the summertime, other counties have to deal with incredibly cold winters they never experienced before. Such anomalies are caused by climate change. There are plenty of other consequences, such as melting glaciers, rising sea levels, imbalance of all-natural systems. This imbalance is the main reason for temperature anomalies and changes in precipitation. It increases the possibility that natural disasters such as hurricanes, floods, and droughts will happen more often. The temperature level of our planet is growing, and it’s not going to stop.

Human impact on climate change

The greenhouse effect is a significant problem for the atmosphere of the Earth. This process is caused by human activities; we didn’t pay enough attention to keeping our planet safe and unpolluted over the past decades. By burning fossil fuels, people produce energy, but it also releases a large number of greenhouse gases. Those gases stay in the atmosphere and make it get warmer and warmer over the years. They accumulate around the planet and affect the whole ecosystem. And it’s not only about nature and temperature, but it also has an impact on our health. Life on our planet gets more dangerous since we don’t care about the environment – we are getting more natural hazards and a less comfortable place to live.

Natural impacts on climate change

Besides harmful human activities, there are some common natural processes that contribute to global warming. For example, did you know that the amount of solar energy has an essential impact on the atmosphere? It’s important how much of it is reflected from the surface of the Earth. Snow and ice reflect it the most effective, so when they melt, it affects the amount of reflected solar energy. Also, volcanoes produce sulfur dioxide during the eruption, and it causes the greenhouse effect. Some plants, animals, and other kinds of life on the planet are responsible for climate change.

Photosynthesis is actually good for the atmosphere, but it isn’t enough to annul other damaging processes. There are also some animals such as cows and sheep that produce methane due to the nature of their digestive system. So global warming is not only about the human activity; a lot of processes have been involved in it over the past 100 years. Nevertheless, we as conscious beings should reduce our impact on the atmosphere. Otherwise, it will cost us a lot.

The effects of global warming

Climatologists warn that the temperature on the planet may rise by 3-4 degrees by the year 2100. It will cause irreversible consequences for the environment, and the year 2100 is way closer than we think. If we don’t make any changes to our lifestyle, we can face serious troubles in several decades.

First of all, we will have to deal with really sudden changes in weather, survive freezing cold and enormous heat. Droughts and floods will turn into a common thing for us as well as other natural disasters. Tsunamis, storms, cyclones, tornadoes are all life-threatening phenomena caused by climate change. There will be more forest fires; flood showers will increase as well. The loss of trees will be damaging to the atmosphere of the Earth.

It’s going to be impossible for a human to live in several countries because of increased humidity and dangerously hot weather. The Middle East countries have the biggest chance to become a desert because it wouldn’t be possible to survive there. The estimated air temperature in these countries will reach 77 degrees Celsius.

According to scientists, we are already on the verge of mass extinction of animal species. Global warming can speed it up, and we can lose up to 40% of species of plants and animals. They will have to adapt to climate changes, but it’s not possible for them to change as fast as their habitat.

Humanity will face a lack of drinking water and food due to yield reduction. This perspective is the most relevant for Africa, Asia, and Latin America. The number of people suffering from hunger can increase significantly and cause many deaths. Drinking water will also become a problem for many people due to reduced rainfall. Countries will fight over access to important resources; it can lead to political and military conflicts.

Melting glaciers and a rise in ocean levels will be the most tangible consequences for humanity, as many cities are located close to the ocean. These cities will be destroyed by tsunamis and floods. According to the predictions of UN analysts, island states such as the Bahamas and Maldives will be the first to suffer from global warming.

How should we deal with climate change?

According to scientists, humanity is unlikely to completely prevent climate change. This process can’t be totally controlled or stopped because we are talking about the natural laws and chemical reactions that are beyond our control. However, it’s possible for humanity to slow down the temperature rise to save the environment. What should we do? First of all, limit greenhouse gas emissions. Also, we have to develop alternative energy sources and try our best to prevent further damage from global warming. If we take it seriously and with responsibility, we can fix the current situation and make the future of our planet brighter.

But it is essential to be prepared for the consequences of climate change even if we are aiming to prevent it. Nothing is more important than human life, so it’s necessary to protect people from possible natural disasters. People living in the risk zones should be provided with proper fire extinguishing systems and flood protection dams. Some parts of the population will have to change their place of living in order to protect their lives.

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Since the very beginning of this century, humanity is concerned with the idea of reducing the greenhouse effect by cutting the number of gas emissions into the atmosphere. But currently, the level of reduction is not enough. For the noticeable impact on the atmosphere, people should make the amount of annual carbon emissions 6.3 % smaller. Therefore, it is necessary to invent and introduce decent energy-saving technologies and switch to alternative energy sources.

The issue of climate change is important and relevant for every country in the world, and some people get overwhelmed about it exaggerating his danger. Nevertheless, it a real thing to worry about. But with the help of science, the development of new technologies, and the introduction of alternative energy sources, mankind can significantly reduce the negative effect of climate change.

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