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It doesn't matter whether you are a sophomore or a last year student: if you are interested what is a dissertation and how to complete it in the best possible way, this article will definitely be useful. First, you need to have a clear understanding of dissertation definition, as it greatly differs from any other sorts of assignments you have completed before.

Moreover, it is quite a complex task, so you need to master lots of skills and knowledge to complete it in the best possible way. It’s often called a thesis and means a research, which you conduct as a part of your under- or postgraduate degree. It aims to show all of the skills you obtained during your student years, giving you full independence. Of course, your professor will guide some parts of the assignment but you will select the topic and conduct the research on your own.

The main trick in creating an outstanding work is to choose the topic thoroughly, as you will spend months on completing the task, so you need to make sure you are really passionate about what you write. Your dissertation grade will greatly influence your overall scores, so you need to make sure you put all your efforts into it.

There are two main types of dissertations, depending on the subject you are going to discuss. Empirical ones are based on collecting information in field studies. They are good for psychology or science degrees, when you need to make a research, use a laboratory, conduct tests and so on. Non-empirical works are based on the researches of others. This means that your data collection will concentrate on surfing the internet and staying up late at the libraries. However, you will have not only to gather information but also to analyze and interpret it.

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How to Write a Dissertation

If you want to learn how to write a dissertation, you need to pay careful attention to all the possible tips and advices. They will help you not only to save time but also to make your paper as outstanding as possible.

Here is what you need to do your best:

  • Start working on the assignment well in advance. Your dissertation is quite a big task, so you don’t have a chance to leave it for later. Start working immediately and try to divide all the available time into certain periods to carefully follow the plan;
  • Work on the structure carefully. You will need to make a few drafts before delivering the final version but remember to stick to the structure you have created in order to always stay up to the point;
  • Make your work live and interesting. Even if it is a scientific research, it doesn’t have to be dry and boring. Make your language vivid and engage the reader;
  • Do not write strictly chapter by chapter. It means that you need to work on the sections you are currently interested in or on the parts, which have enough material to analyze. You will be able to get back to blank parts later;
  • Give your drafts some time. The best advice is to write couple of chapters and let it spend some time in your drawer. Then get back to it and analyze your work critically. What should be added or changed?
  • Stick to the necessary formatting style. Statistic shows that most of the students find formatting a very complicated task and have to redo their dissertation over and over again. Follow all of the guidelines for proper references and quotations to save your nerves and time;
  • Make sure your it is plagiarism free. If you use too many quotes, you can be caught in plagiarism by a plagiarism software. Try to paraphrase sentences and make your paper as unique as possible;
  • Reread your work over and over again. Make sure every detail and sentence is on its place;
  • If you have no time to perform a dissertation paper, you can order a ready paper at any reliable dissertation writing service. The professional writers will perform a paper for you for a reasonable price and according to your requirements. You will save both your time and nerves and will get an excellent dissertation paper as a result.
dissertation abstract

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Dissertation Abstract

dissertation acknowledgements

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Dissertation Acknowledgements

dissertation example

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Dissertation Example

dissertation format

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Dissertation Format

dissertation outline

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Dissertation Outlinet

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Remember that this is probably the most important assignment throughout your student years, so you need to make sure it contains all of the necessary elements. Hopefully, all these advices will make writing a dissertation easy and interesting.

How to Cite a Dissertation APA

There are many formatting styles, which greatly differ depending on your institution and topic you choose, so the best way to know how to cite a dissertation is to consult your professor and make sure you take into account all the details.

However, there are two main citation formats, which are widely used in creating a correct PhD dissertation: APA and MLA.

APA cite dissertation has a following format: author, year, title, number of accession order. MLA format is slightly different and should contain a following order: author, title, school, date, number of publication. If you are not sure how to cite your work properly, the safest way is to contact a dissertation writing service and ask for professional assistance.

Dissertation topics

Dissertation is the defining assignment that will determine your final score at the end of the education course. Professors rarely assign dissertation topics in education. As a rule, students are supposed to come up with their own dissertation ideas. Use the following list as an inspiration:

  1. The problems of relations between same-sex individuals.
  2. A contemporary analysis of race, class and civicness in Leicester.
  3. The renaissance of culture in Malaysia.
  4. The rediscover of British English.
  5. Will Syria result in a new Cold War?
  6. What affect did sanction have on citizens of Iran?
  7. Brexit and its effect on the EU.
  8. The situation in Catalonia: expectations and reality.
  9. Cuban Missile Crisis and possible consequences.
  10. Should prisoners have the right to vote?
  11. Crimes based on anti-Muslims moods in the UK.
  12. The number of crimes against homeless looks threatening.
  13. Cognitive processes in eating disorders.
  14. Transgender issues: how adolescence use their copying mechanisms.
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