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In most cases, writing an essay seems to be a nightmare for many students. However, some of them find it overwhelming since they want a scholarship. In general, composing an essay takes a lot of time, but if you divide this process into parts, it will be much easier to write it. When there are several steps, writing the essay is more welcome.

Steps to writing a perfect essay

1. Choose a topic.

Sometimes you might be assigned to write a certain essay, but in some cases, you will have to pick the topic yourself. When you are provided with a topic, think of the paper type you are going to write. For instance, it might be a specific analysis or general overview.

If you were not given a topic, you will have additional work to do. Don’t worry since it might be interesting to choose the topic you like. First of all, define your aim. Decide whether the paper must persuade or inform.

As the target is defined, do some research. Think about the things you find interesting in your life. Jot your ideas down.

In the aftermath, evaluate your goals. If your target is to educate, select such a subject which you have studied. When your aim is to persuade, pick the subject that you feel you are passionate about. Make sure the topic sounds interesting for you, no matter what the goal is.

2. Produce an outline of your ideas.

Organize your ideas if you want your paper to be successful. When you put your ideas from your head, you will find the links and connections between the ideas in a clearer way. It will be the foundation of your essay. To organize and jot down the ideas, you might utilize either a diagram or an outline.

Creating a diagram, you can jot down the topic in the middle of the page. Draw 3-5 lines that branch from the topic. Write the main ideas at the finish of these lines. If you have more ideas, you may draw more lines.

When you want to organize your ideas in the form of an outline, place the topic at the top of your page. Then, list your main thoughts. Leave space under every one of them to put smaller ideas related to every main idea. So, you will see the connections and your paper will be more organized.

3. Generate the thesis statement.

The main point of your paper is revealed in the thesis statement. Have a look at the diagram or outline to define the main ideas.

There are 2 parts in each thesis statement. State a topic in the first part. State the point of the paper in the 2nd part. In other words, you should state the overall response to the issue. You should place your thesis in the 1st paragraph. Refer to it a few times throughout the paper. restate it in the concluding part of the paper.

4. Create an introduction.

Make sure your intro is captivating and engaging. It should draw the attention of the readers. You are to begin it with a solid hook. It might be in the form of a topic summary, quote, shocking revelation, dialogue or a story. Your hook should tie to the thesis statement.

Take your time to create a solid intro because it leaves the first impression on the readers. Use only active voice in the intro part. For instance, avoid using such phrases as “he was given a 97%”. Do not use personal pronouns such as “Me’, “MY’ or “I”. Remain more general for your reader to be hooked.

5. Write the main body.

The main purpose of the body is to describe, explain, and argue the topic. Every single main idea from your outline or diagram should be a separate section of the main body.

The structure of each body paragraph is the same. It should begin with a topic sentence. Make sure every first sentence of the body paragraph starts with a transition and is the main thread that connects all the parts of the essay ideas. For instance, you may utilize such phrases as “firstly” or “secondly”, etc.

Then, you should write the supporting ideas. also, you will need to add some detailed examples to support your position. The examples must be relevant to the thesis. Tell why this example proves the thesis statement. State why a certain example is relevant. Cite every reference material that you used. Follow the rules of the required format style.

6. Write a conclusion.

The conclusion is a very important part of each solid essay. In this part, you should close up the topic and summarize the main ideas of the paper. Keep it short, writing 3-5 sentences. Do not add any new pieces of information and facts to the conclusion. Just summarize the arguments. Support your main point and restate the thesis statement.

Invest your time to write a conclusion since it is your last chance to impress the reader. Don’t copy the phrases from the intro, but utilize the same keywords. Show your skills as a writer by good rephrasing.

7. Use transitional phrases.

The hallmark of good writing is the presence of transitional phrases. For instance, you may use such phrases as “on the other hand”, “moreover”, “additionally”, and more. They are important to separate the sections of the essay so the reader will be aware of where one section begins and the other one ends. In other words, they are the links that lead the reader throughout the paper.

8. Edit the draft.

Before you finish the essay, proofread and edit it. Make sure the rules of the correct formatting are followed. Make sure the strongest ideas are placed at the beginning and end of each body paragraph.

Read the paper one more time to ensure there are no mistakes and the transitions are smooth. Check punctuation and spelling and correct it if needed. Change the vocabulary and delete all the irrelevant sections. Make sure you meet the requirements of the word count. Compose the final draft, submitting it before the deadline.

Also, you may ask your friend to proofread the paper and tell you whether the corrections are needed. A fresh look upon the paper is a must for writing a great essay to get a good mark.

9. Practice as much as you can!

Note that good writing is not accidental. You should practice a lot before you create outstanding pieces of writing. The more you practice, the better the results are. You should learn a lot and try various methods before you find your unique writing voice. It will not happen just for one day. The more you write, the better it is.

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