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Why is it essential to know how to write a feminism essay?

So, you've got an assignment to write an essay on feminism. You have to have a thorough understanding of what you will write. The philosophy of feminism proclaims equal rights for men and women in all spheres of life. Essays on the topic of feminism are a frequent task in colleges and universities.

Why is the topic of feminism not so easy to write on?

The topic of feminism is not as simple as it may seem. In the old centuries in some cultures, women were viewed as inferior creatures comparing to men. They were allowed to fulfill the scope of home responsibilities. In some cultures, women were sometimes disregarded or treated with disrespect. Their needs and wishes were neglected. Feminism doesn't just mean the movement for women's rights. It brings out to the world the idea that men and women must be always treated in the same way.

Several tips to write a unique feminism essay

When you write an essay on one of the topics about feminism you should adhere to the following tips:

  • Before you start writing your essay study as much information on feminism as possible. Read different sources.
  • Remember that feminism is not just about women's rights. It's about treating men and women equally.
  • Mentioning the history of feminism, in brief, would be a good idea.
  • Give examples of incidents from real life when you or someone else witnessed injustice treatment because of the gender.

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How to write a feminist criticism essay

Let us say, you need to write a feminist criticism essay. In this case, your main goal will be to analyze feminism issues described in the book. You will touch upon several significant questions, write about female characters and their role in the narration. You will have to analyze the author's attitude to women's problems that he expresses in his book.

First of all, you should enumerate all women's characters in the book. You have to analyze all aspects of every character thoroughly. Collect all the information that is given by the author about every female character. The more information you possess the better and more insightful conclusions you will draw. This information may include facts of biography and personal characteristics. You can also conclude the character analyzing her actions and speech in various situations.

Your second task will be to compare the female and male characters of the book. Oppose these characters. It is significant if you are writing a feminist criticism essay. Relationships between male and female characters of the book should be scrutinized by you. Analyze these relationships. You should take into account the conditions under which they develop, historical background, etc. You will state if such relationships are typical of the time they occurred or not and why. Pay special attention to dialogues between men and women.

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Topics for a feminism essay

An essay on feminism maybe sometimes controversial but you can make it rather compelling and interesting to read.

Here are a few contemporary topics for your essay to choose from:

  1. What are the roots of domestic violence and methods to prevent it?
  2. Famous women in politics.
  3. Feminism and anti-feminism: pros and cons.
  4. Is there any danger in radical feminism?
  5. Does feminism have historical perspectives?
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