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Essay About Myself

Speaking about oneself is not an easy task. On the one hand, no one better knows a person than this person themselves. However, usually we overestimate our character or underestimate it, and as a result a description of a very different person is created. Speaking about oneself is similar to painting a self-portrait. It will definitely differ from a portrait painted by someone else, and it is not obligatory so that a self painted portrait will be true to life. Sometimes a look from outside can capture some important details of our appearance (or character) that we miss or prefer to shove in a dark corner and pretend it is not there. We all want to look nice to other people, yet we are taught not to boast. So where is the golden middle between self-diminishing and self-praising that will allow us to create our true reflection in words (or on canvas)? Probably nowhere within our reach.

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So what to do if you have been assigned with a task to write an essay about myself? You can write it yourself and create an image that you keep in mind while thinking about yourself. How close to reality it will be is another question. One more option is to provide information of your strong and weak points, hobbies, activities and commitments to a good writer and let him/her speak of it. This option allows creating a more balanced and weighed picture, and besides, this picture will be conveyed in accurate and elegant wording. Content is important, but sometimes even the greatest content can be harmed by poor style or hordes of mistakes. Hence entrusting others with the task of writing a personality essay look a viable choice. Here's how the essay may start and develop according to a customer's wishes and information provided. And remember, you can always get your own customs writing from our company 24/7.

All people are different, and there are no two identical characters and personalities on the earth, yet this immense diversity is usually described through a limited set of adjectives and traits of character. The universe of human individualities can be fit into a framework of being responsible, active, fun-loving, a born leader, helpful, attentive etc. One interesting observation: traits of character are construed as related to others. We are responsible/irresponsible towards others; we are empathetic or cold towards others; we are fun-loving or solemn from others' point of view. Actually, while speaking about our character we speak about how others see and evaluate us. I would like to take a different approach. I want to tell what I feel, what guides me despite others' approval or disapproval and how it correlates with what we are supposed to be and to do to be accepted by others. I am empathetic. It may sound good, but this empathy leads to my being irresponsible, unreliable, always being late and it brings on my head a whole set of characteristics that are not viewed as positive from traditional point of view.

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