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Freedom of Speech Essay

The right to free speech is one of the key and most vital rights every resident of the United States of America has. This is central right since it provides people with such an important opportunity to speak freely their thoughts concerning any situation, person or affair. In the course of the world history, this right was questioned many times, but nowadays it surely helps to improve people’s lives and positively influence on many things. These central rights of freedom of speech essay were questioned in many ways and in many different times and centuries. Nowadays, this right helps to defend people’s own views in protest, as same as it was in the colonial times. These days, in case of a peace protest, people can make their voice to be heard legally, whereas in the times of colonists, protests mostly were resulted in punishments. There is no question about whether these rights should exist or not, the only question here is whether there must be limits or not.

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Presently, the right to free speech is looked into again. Society does not use one of its most important rights thinking that people have no permission for a free speech and any familiar actions. People may be afraid of questioning authorities or they may think their voice can change nothing. War in Iraq showed that people are used to not question Washington, because mostly residents of the United States did not want to be engage in war, but the government made other choice. A big part of people believes that the government decisions are correct, other people are afraid of thinkable punishments. People who dare to voice their opinions still keep their low profile. However, there are many bad examples of societies that were keeping their voice down, like Germany of the Hitler Era and the Soviet Union. The blind faith in governments and state’s leaders can cause more problems than solutions. Living in the talk-show mentality, as America lives nowadays, can have not quite good consequences.

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