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Job Specialization Essay

After graduation, every student is going to be hired at his first job. For most of them it will be very stressfull to get used to the new envirionment, which has nothing in common with the loveable student life. As an example of our custom essay help, one of our writers outlined classical company structure, after reading it you're gonna see what it's like to work in a real company.

Considering the trends in modern economy, it is clear that one of the main tasks in front of major employees is finding the most efficient ways to design job. One of the most popular techniques is job specialization, which is commonly used by HR managers to lower the cost of training a new employee and maximize the employee’s productivity in order to increase profits. By dividing the whole body of work into more accessible elements and ascribing the elements between individual employees the company can positively improve the overall efficiency of the business. However, like most economic processes, specialization has an occasional negative effect on the company and its workers, which is why an employer should be very careful while introducing the concept into the company.

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Work specialization is often referred to as job simplification, which essentially describes this concept in more understandable terms. Other popular methods of job design used by both major and smaller companies are job rotation, job enlargement, and job enrichment. The best way to increase the effectiveness in the workplace is to implement these methods equally, although to these days work specialization remains among the most sought after ways of improving the company’s economy.

Specialization is undoubtedly very beneficial for the company. By distributing the responsibilities among the workers equally an employee can achieve better results at every stage of the business process, from designing the product to serving the customer. This technique is widely used by fast food companies, where every employee is delegated a separate task. As the whole group of employees is working at their own stations, the effectiveness of the work increases greatly. However, the concept of work specialization has also a few negative effects, especially if the implementation of the specialization is not carried out the way it’s supposed to. The biggest disadvantage of specialization is the possible job dissatisfaction, which can eventually lead to a drop in the productivity. Workers performing the same job day after day tend to feel their work is boring, unchallenging, and not worth of their time. This is why job rotation is a very effective workplace mechanism: switch workers between tasks and you’ll notice job satisfaction and productivity soar.

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