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French Semi Presidential System Essay

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The modern France government is represented with a semi presidential system. It is the fifth republic according to the French constitution. The government is divided into three branches: a legislative, an executive and a judicial branch. This system works clearly. President and the prime minister are representatives of executive power. Parliament controls the work of executive power by passing vote and statutes on the budget, organizing the enquiry commission and by questioning in the parliament house. There is a constitutional council and its members are appointed by the president of the republic, president of the senate and president of national assembly. Parliament consists of two parts – the national assembly and the Senate.

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A judicial branch of government is represented with a judicial system with a great history. It is based on the civil law system, which was described and developed in Napoleon codes. This way, the judiciary system consists of two parts: administrative code a judicial branch. Each of them has an own court. There is a wide range of bodies to check whether the power is abused. This inspection is done by the French government.

France is also among the countries-founder of European Union.

History of France is rich and familiar to every European because it had a lot of influence on history of Europe. There were times when France was one of the most influential empires in the world. Its armies were professional, disciplined and innovative. The country was among the first ones, where feudalism was replaced by nation state. During the reign of Louis XIV France prospered but the crisis came. The crisis gradually led to the revolution of 1789. Although the revolution was following great goals and ideas from the outset, it failed. Constitutional monarchy returned four times during French history. After the Word War II the republic in France was set finally, though not without difficulties.

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