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The Great Variety of Ideas for How to Make a Paper Longer

Volume is one of the most important components of writing any kind of academic paper. This statement is explained by the fact that the presence of the required number of words is a confirmation of reading and the ability to comply with all these requirements and recommendations of the supervisor.

In addition to this, the right length plays the role of illustrating a lot of effort in the papermaking process. Limiting the minimum number of characters has long faded into the background, giving way to excellent content.

A variety of difficulties and ways to increase your essay can take you by surprise. Students regularly search for information regarding MLA format font size or ask questions such as how to make a paper longer and how many words are 4 pages double. In this article, we have collected the best techniques that will help you not only make the essay long but also of high quality and ability to capture the attention of readers.

Add Visual Illustrations

First of all, you need to read the finished work and emphasize the main ideas that were presented. If there are no clear examples in the presented materials, correct this, and attach specific facts to each of them.

When you talk about the dangers of plastic, add statistics or cite sources from other authors. Don't limit yourself to just one example and add these elements to each highlighted idea. This technique will not only lengthen your work and impress the supervisor, but also help to strengthen the arguments that you put forward.

Using a Variety of Words and Phrases

Another natural and common way to increase the volume of your paper is the introduction of transitional bundles.

Thanks to this, you can create a smooth transition between ideas and attract the attention of the audience, allowing not to get confused in the presented information. Below we have presented some of these linguistic constructions that you should pay attention to:

  • Firstly/secondly;
  • By the same token;
  • In light of;
  • With this in mind;
  • As a consequence;
  • With regards to this;
  • Under these circumstances;
  • Demonstrating that;
  • Indeed;
  • As a matter of fact;
  • Therefore;
  • Likewise;
  • On the other hand;
  • Although;
  • However;
  • To put it another way;
  • Whereas;
  • Considering this;
  • Because of this;
  • Of course;
  • Despite all of this;
  • Equally so;
  • By the way;
  • This illustrates that;
  • In conclusion.

Try Changing the Order

Many students often resort to a very common way to make an essay longer, which is reverse outlining. After you finish creating the text, try changing the paragraphs, and read it back. Then start creating a scheme, which is based on the written material.

Thanks to this, you will create a reorganization of the page and allow the audience that will read the work to pay attention to all important aspects of the content of your essay. If you see that the presented information may be increased, do it.

If there are a large number of paragraphs that contain several ideas, break them into small ones. This will allow you to create a more detailed justification of what is written.

Reread Your Work Again

Of course, before you read this article, you did a long work and re-read the finished essay a huge number of times. Nevertheless, you should not ignore this point and still read the work. Make sure that all questions from the supervisor or professor are answered.

The same goes for persuasive speech. Check all the requirements, and make sure that your essay matches each of them. In the absence of this aspect, take up the provision of additional information that can make your work much longer.

Use Materials From Publications of Other Authors

Citation is an integral part of any academic work. In addition to reinforcing the presented arguments, it helps to make the essay long. Nevertheless, you should not turn your work into a collection of quotes from other writers. Keep a proper balance and use the research of other experts that you analyzed to revitalize the paper.

This method will not only help to increase the number of characters but is also a reflection of the fact that you met the points of view of other authors and expressed your own opinion on this.

Another important aspect is the correct design of the used sources and quotes. The absence of formatted references to the work of other experts can be equated with plagiarism, which is a very serious crime in the scientific community

The Design of Each Paragraph

Once again, we want to focus your attention on the importance of proper essay formatting. Remember that the structure has to contain the following components:

  • topic sentence;
  • supporting evidence;
  • argument;
  • conclusion/transition.

Check the written work and make sure that all of the above elements are present. In case of the opposite, fill in the gap and add phrases corresponding to all relevant requirements,

Use a Larger Number of Words

Of course, at first glance, this may seem like an obvious and easy tip. Nevertheless, the essay is not a place where you should be as concise as possible. Re-read your work and add more description where possible.

An excellent illustration of this recommendation is the work of the famous American writer Chuck Palahniuk that aims to improve your writing skills called ‘Nuts and Bolts: “Thought” Verbs.’

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Final Tip

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