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Successful writing about yourself

What is it for?

There are different situations in your life when you need to present yourself to other people. In some cases, it’s essential to prepare written material about yourself, such as a personal essay or cover letter. Usually, they are made for university admission or some job application. For some people, it can be pretty challenging to write about themselves. You can be worrying about how to present yourself in the best way, how not to sound braggart, how to mention all important information about your life, but not turn your essay into autobiography. It’s important to be able to highlight all your strengths as well as mention your weaknesses (yeah, you should include them in your essay).

Writing an essay about yourself seems to be a big responsibility, but you shouldn’t feel scared or uncomfortable about it. In essence, it’s a primary assignment that helps other people understand who you are and let them know your life path. It has a big impact on your personal image so you should take it seriously and follow some useful rules for writing about yourself.

The importance of a good self-presentation

Knowing how to write about yourself is a useful skill that can help you in your education and career. At some point, you will have to summarize your life achievements and describe yourself as a student or a worker. No one knows you better than yourself, so it’s a proper way for the employer to get to know you with one article. It’s essential to notice that the structure and style of your writing are important as well – it shows your grammar level, writing skills, and ability to formulate your thoughts. That’s why you should try your best to make your essay well-structured, literate, informative, and interesting to read. It can be as essential as the content of an article because no one will believe that you are the best student in your group if you write about it with lots of mistakes.

What else can you present in your personal essay? In addition to your personal information and achievements in your education and career, you can write about your hobbies and personal qualities you found important to mention. While you are describing yourself as a professional in some field with a certain experience and awards, don’t forget that you are also a human with unique character traits that can be important for your employer or whoever reads your essay. So feel free to show what kind of person you are, what do you dream about, what is the main purpose of your life. Mention what inspires you to do your work, what plan do you have for your future career. Think about your motivation and things you truly believe in. As you can see, there are a lot of points to be mentioned, and all of them are important for your self-presentation. Also, this type of work is pretty effective for self-analysis, so let’s move to write!

Structure of writing an essay about yourself

Main parts of your writing

The beginning of an essay is a pretty important part where you introduce yourself to readers and make the first impression about yourself. You should not only let people know who you are but also make them interested in you from the very beginning. Start with something that describes you the best and defines you as a person or a professional. The type of introduction can depend on what kind of personal essay you are about to write. If it’s an application for your dream job, it highlights your professional skills. If you are going to be a part of a team, mention your personal qualities and leader merits. It’s great if you have a personal motto, don’t be shy and write it down – it can define your state of mind and worldview.

The main body is about your life story. It should contain facts about the achievements and challenges you have faced in your life. With practical examples, you can present your qualities and skills. For instance, not only write that you are persistent and hardworking but confirm your words with real cases when you became the worker of a month or dealt with a serious problem. Mention only important moments; there is no need to write about every task you completed in your life.

Analyze your experience and decide what qualities and skills you have gained through your life. Think about how does your past affects your current state of mind. What mistakes have you made? What did you learn? Describe the experience you find the most important in your life? Don’t forget to mention your unique skills and things you can do better than any other person.

If the main goal of writing a personal essay is to get a job, take your time to explain how you see your future on the position you are applying for. Present your vision of the future, issues you are going to focus on, goals for your work, reasons for choosing the company you have chosen. Keep in mind that they are going to compare your personal essay with others, so try your best and do not be shy – it’s a fair competition. But don’t overdo it, no one loves braggarts. Also, never lie in your writing, your lies will definitely be revealed.

The conclusion is as important as the introduction to leave a proper impression. Summarize all you have written and brought up the main result of all your achievements. You should present a person you have become through the evolution you have described before. It’s a good time to write about your dreams and goal for the future. Make your conclusion wholesome and inspiring, but also brief and clear.

Things to include in your personal essay

Don’t forget to introduce yourself with your full name and position\occupation. It will help people understand who you are from the very beginning. Also, if it’s a personal letter for your employer to start with a greeting, always be polite in order to show your respect.

It’s essential to include your strengths in an essay, but don’t neglect writing about your weaknesses. You should present yourself as a human being, not some kind of superman. Therefore, it would not even be realistic if you say you don’t have any flaws; it can be considered as a lie. Remember, you are not a robot, so it’s okay to have some fails and talk about them. Mention what you have learned while facing challenges that were too hard for you. Come up with inspiring ideas about how you are going to improve your skills and achieve everything you haven’t achieved before. Show everybody that you can fall, but you will stand up every time and learn on your mistakes. The ability to overcome failure and try again is a great indicator of the will power. It is definitely a good feature for every person.

Remember why you are writing this essay and don’t forget to include some information about the motivation you have. It’s quite important to let readers know what do you expect to get with your essay.

And finally leave your contacts: phone number, e-mail, address, if it’s needed, links to your pages on social media.

Tips for writing about yourself

Keep your tone of voice natural

Don’t turn your essay into a strict resume with straight facts only. It will be difficult to read, and it won’t present you as a good writer. Try to make every part of your work interconnected and exciting to explore. You are writing about your life, what can be more exciting? But don’t get overwhelmed with emotions, it’s still a serious paper. Balance important facts with your thoughts, dreams, goals, use all your writing skills, and make your work smooth and pleasant to read.

Stay honest

Sometimes it is difficult to resist the temptation to exaggerate your achievements and personal traits. But any exaggeration or lie don’t belong to a personal essay. Also, some people feel uncomfortable writing about themselves; it can be hard to explain your biggest passion, your thoughts, your dreams about the future. Sometimes it seems challenging to define your strengths, describe your qualities, and stay open-minded about your weaknesses. So instead of honest biography, some people writing a bunch of cliques just to pretend someone else and fit in. But you will not achieve something great if you are going to pretend someone else and you won’t fit in the company where nobody knows who you really are.

If you have hard times picking the right words for self-presentation, try to look at yourself from a different angle, ask your friends and coworkers what do they think about the best parts of you, what would they improve in your character? When you are describing your own thoughts and plans, stay as honest as possible. It’s great to be relatable for your readers in order for them to see you as a real, emotional, and interesting human being.

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Stay on your topic and follow the length rules

Focus on the essential moments of your life and keep in mind the whole point of your work. A personal essay is not just a description of your life but a presentation of yourself as a worker and a person. Don’t write too much about your family or hometown; in most cases, this information is not important. You can omit the inessential details of your life that haven’t affected you in any way. Don’t be too general while describing your achievements. Instead of writing, “I created a lot of important solutions for my company,” consider providing examples of certain cases and your solutions for them.

Also, follow the requirements from the employer or selection committee, sometimes it’s essential to be concise and brief. In some cases, it is better to be more detailed and artistic in order to show your writing skills.

So it isn’t that hard as it seemed to be, right? Writing about yourself can even be joyful since you use this task as a self-analyzing tool. The main rule for you is, to be honest, open-minded, and diligent so you can show your best part with a personal essay.

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