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What is a Personal Statement?

Getting into a high-level college or university is not a child’s play; it requires a lot of effort. So where to start? The first step to getting into your desire institution is to write good personal statements which could attract the reader. The personal statement essay is the one in which you portray your image basically present yourself before the concerned authority. Your personal statement includes your life achievements, your goals, the hardships you have faced, and your hobbies. Basically, a personal statements is a pictures of you. Your personal statement should not be too long as it is going to be vague for the reader to understand, it should have the same tone throughout the essay and have a flow so that the reader doesn’t lose his concentration. The personal statement is being categorized into two of the following categories:

  1. General Comprehensive Personal Statement:
  2. It deals with the preparation of medical, law and business schools and allows great freedom to the writer of what to write.

  3. The response to very specific questions:
  4. As being written ‘response to very specific questions’, in these types of statements we are being asked some questions and we have to make sure that we only answer those questions and don’t go outside the boundary.

Precisely, a personal statement is a story of yourself where you mention your life goals, achievements and the important phases. Your personal statement should not mislead the reader and should be crystal clear. The only aim is to grab the attention of your reader and let him realize you are the deserving candidate and make him call you for an interview.

What are the steps to Write a Personal Statement?

Writing an attractive personal statement can turn out to be a difficult task and it requires numerous drafts before the final one. Before writing a statement you should know whom you are writing too and what are they actually asking you for. The following steps will be going to guide you out while writing a personal statement and how to deal with the questions being asked:

  1. Write it yourself
  2. Your personal statement is an essay about you, it should not be plagiarized. It should contain your personal ambitions, your goals. You should always be honest while writing it don’t try to mislead the reader as it will only going to create chaos in readers mind so be yourself use your own words and go with the flow.

  3. Be concise
  4. You should be careful about the word count and the strength of your personal statement as it should not exceed more than one page. This tells that each and every word of your personal statement counts. There should be unity among your words. So make your words count and keep it short and simple.

  5. Show why you are the one
  6. Your essay should give a clear image of why you are the best and why should they select you. You should be clear about what you have written and your text should be vivid enough so that your reader may remain to indulge in it and.

  7. Proofread everything
  8. Before presenting a final document you got to make sure that you proofread everything and any type of information is not misleading or ambiguous. You should revise your work again and again and ask yourself whether you are able you answer all the questions they have asked or not are you up to the mark or not.

  9. Extra skills
  10. Show the reader how extra co-curricular activities during your high school have helped you out in polishing your skills. If you were a good debater in your school, so the reader should know that you possess great communication skills. If you were ahead boy in your school show that it has helped you out in emerging your leadership skills.

  11. Don’t miss the deadlines
  12. You should be aware of the deadlines, don’t get to involve with your statement that you forgot your deadlines.

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Personal Statement Format?

The personal statement always varies whenever you are writing depends to which institutions whether it’s a business one, a law one or a medical one you are writing too. But the format which we follow is the same in all of them which include the introductory paragraph, body, and conclusion.

The introduction:

The introductory paragraph provides an edge to the writer to grab the reader attention, it’s a great chance to leave a good image on readers mind so a good opening is must necessary. You can start your essay with a quote but that doesn’t mean that you’re going to write outside the boundary keep it short and simple and be concise.

The Body:

The body holds a great significance in writing a personal statement because it is where you start supporting your points. This paragraph contains all the related answers being asked. You have to make your words count and at the same time, you should also be careful about the strength of your essay.

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The Conclusion:

The conclusion does not mean to summarize all the points made in the second paragraph. You can share your experiences in the concluding paragraph and where you would like to go next and how this opportunity if availed, how it will open new boundaries for me.

What is an Example of Personal Statement?

Whenever we are about to write a personal statement, the most general question which comes in our mind is what to write and how to write. The essay is about you so ask yourself what reflects your image.

For example, when writing a personal statement to a university you should consider the following points:

  • Reason for wanting to study:
  • Tell the reader why have you applied in this particular university, why you are interested in it and how do you develop your interest in this particular field

  • Why they should choose you:
  • You need to tell the reader why they should choose you, what capabilities you possess which make you superior from the other candidates.

  • Your hobbies and interests:
  • For example, consider yourself as a postgraduate and you need to make your personal statement so you got to take care of certain following points:

  • Skills:
  • As you are now a graduate you need to tell the reader what skills you possess and what have you learn in your past academics.

  • Experience:
  • Experience does come to play whenever we are trying to get into a multinational firm so you need to tell the reader that you have worked at these places and I have got this much amount of experience.

  • Career goals:
  • The reader may be interested in your career goals so don’t forget to write it. You need to write what do you aim for your future and how are you going to benefit the business you are working for.

What should I write in a Personal Statement?

The essay is about you so ask yourself first what I should write to make a long-lasting impression on the reader. You need to let the reader know:

  • Why we should select you: you need to let your reader know what qualities you have which makes you far better than other candidates.
  • You life goals, the reader must know your future goals also so that he can know how much determined are you related to your studies, profession etc.
  • What have you learned from your college years and has it help you in polishing your skills?
  • What made you up to apply for this field or for this job?

What should you not write in a Personal Statement?

Before writing an essay you should be careful what to write and what to not. Your essay should not look vague and these points should be taken into note before writing one:

  • Your essay should not only talk about goals as it will going to reveal the least information about the candidate, so it should also involve your experiences, your hobbies, your interest etc.
  • Your essay should not be like your personal diary. You should only reveal that information you are comfortable discussing with. Only share what is related to your topic.
  • Let your reader know by your accomplishments that you are the deserving candidate. Do not appeal or ask for anything, whether it is a scholarship or a job.
  • The essay should not contain what the readers want to hear but rather it should be about you because the reader is interested in you.

How do you Begin a Personal Statement?

Before beginning a personal statement you should know what the reader is expecting from you. The reader wants to know how are you different from others so you need to explain your achievements and how those achievements help you out in shaping your interests. You need to work and prepare your materials. As stated earlier you are in the main picture, so the essay should be about you. you can share your experiences while writing an essay, outline the achievements and how both achievement and experiences help you out in accomplishing your goals.

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Bottom Line

The personal statement can play a great role in your academics and in your professional life also so writing a good personal statement will actually going to help you help you out in your future also. The personal statement is all about you, so write about yourself because the reader wants to know about. You don’t want to make the reader ambiguous. You should know what to write and what to not and that’s how you can actually get into your desired institution.

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