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What is a Persuasive Speech? Ideas for Writing

Are you interested to know what a persuasive speech is? Then sit comfortably and get ready to obtain all the information you need to succeed!

The main goal of such a speech is to persuade the reader to complete a particular action. For example, such a speech is used if you want people to vote for a particular candidate, to follow the city rules or to change someone’s opinion on an important matter. Such speeches are a great tool to stir interest of the audience and flame its hearts.

At first, you may find it quite difficult to understand how to write a persuasive speech but with a positive approach and enough devotion, you will be able to create an outstanding material and engage the audience with ease!

A persuasive speech doesn’t have an accepted structure, as it greatly depends on the topic, the audience, timing and place. That is why you should always ask for tutor’s guidelines and carefully study the surrounding to make sure your speech is relevant and appropriate.

The most common mistakes you may face can include:

  • Boring topic. While a written assignment can often be plain and simple, a speech should be energetic, emotional and persuading. That is why selecting an appealing topic is crucial if you want to succeed;
  • Lack of details and information. Your speech shouldn’t consist of generalities, so try to make a thorough research before writing down your speech. Make sure it contains interesting facts, statistics, shocking details and any other information, which may intrigue the audience. However, you should remember that such details need to be credible;
  • Slang and clichés. Your language should be professional and academic, and your vocabulary - vivid and bright. Even if your topic is quite loose, make sure your lexis is attractive for the reader;
  • Slovenly appearance and too much gesticulation. Although it may be not so obvious but thousands of students make the same mistake: don’t pay proper attention to the way they look, dress and behave in front of the audience. The best advice here is to suite up and practice your speech before the mirror or in front of the people you trust. They may help you to fix your mistakes and correct imperfections of your performance.

Here are some of the additional tips you need to keep in mind:

  • Set your goal. You need to have a clear understanding of the main goals you are planning to achieve. Knowing them, you will be able to tailor your performance;
  • Understand the audience. You should know whether they know anything about the topic, which side they are on and so on. This will help you to prepare for the questions and be able to make your speech clear and understandable;
  • Prepare visual materials. Print out or draw pictures, diagrams, charts and any other files, which will make your speech more persuasive and live. Take into account that some people remember material better, when they see it;
  • Strong introduction and conclusion. Always start and finish your speech with a powerful statement and a call-to-action. The audience shouldn’t have any doubts whether you are a real master of the topic;
  • Relax! Make a deep breath, drink herbal tea or meditate. Make sure you are calm and have positive approach, when starting your speech!
persuasive speech example

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Persuasive Speech Example

persuasive speech examples

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Persuasive Speech Examples

persuasive speech format

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Persuasive Speech Format

persuasive speech outline

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Persuasive Speech Outline

persuasive speech outline example

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Persuasive Speech Outline Example

persuasive speech outline templates

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Persuasive Speech Outline Templates

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6+ Persuasive Speech Examples

Persuasive speech examples are a great alternative for those, who don’t know how to start the assignment and how to make it flawless. You can simply download a sample on the topic you are interested in, make notes and write down the approximate structure.

With the help of such tips, you will be able not only to choose topics for a persuasive speech but to use various techniques and patterns to make your speech powerful and strong. Just download an example from thousands of templates and create an outstanding speech with ease!

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Persuasive Speech Outline, Template and Format

Here is a persuasive speech outline example, which you may use to write a strong performance. Make sure you tailor it according to your own topic and needs.

  1. Grab attention. It is the first sentence of your speech, which should interest and engage the audience. This may be the most important part of your speech, so make sure it is catchy and mind-blowing;
  2. Thesis statement. Here you need to explain your opinion on the topic and the goals you are willing to achieve. With the help of this sentence you need to make the audience see the discussed issue with your eyes;
  3. Reasons 1,2,3. Start with the main sentence, which introduces the reader to the discussed topic. Every reason should be backed with examples, evidence and supporting information, also presented with visual materials;
  4. Conclusion. In this section, you need to summarize everything you have told about and call the reader to action. Try not to introduce new information in this section and just restate your thesis statement in an encouraging way.
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Read all persuasive speech topics carefully and choose the one, which reflects your inner world and make you passionate. If you speak on the matter you consider important, the audience will surely appreciate it!

Most of the people can't overcome the fear of public performances and such events often turn into a disaster. However, we are sure that with a proper topic selection you will be able to create a great speech and impress the audience.

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